Parker Hannifin Manufacturing Ltd. offers the Parker PCO2, a carbon dioxide incident protection system that helps preserve the carbonation in carbonated soft drinks (CSDs). The carbonation of CSDs occurs by forcing carbon dioxide (CO2) into the liquid and storing under pressure. The presence of this gas creates bubbles and fizzing in the liquid when pressure occurs and gives the product its unique taste and sparkling fizziness, the company says. The CO2 that is injected into the beverage must be free of particles, micro-organisms and unwanted chemical compounds to maintain strict quality standards. The device features multi-bed media absorbent technology constructed from specially selected adsorbents to remove trace contamination from carbon dioxide. It also can treat “out of specification” CO2 to return it back to specification within the ISBT/EIGA acceptable safety limits. This enables production to continue while corrective actions are implemented, preventing downtime and saving money. The Parker system provides maximum quality while minimizing risk from contamination in process streams, spoilage and potential recalls, and audit failure.

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