At MODEX, NextShift Robotics unveiled its new robotics system for use in eCommerce warehouses and cellular manufacturing. The autonomous robot optimizes eCommerce fulfillment, reduces costs and improves the customer experience. NextShift Robotics’ unique independent robot/independent worker approach helps eCommerce distribution centers quickly expedite order picking and fulfillment. Workers stay in their dynamic zones while robots load and unload heavy order-totes unassisted, and carry them across long distances. The system is designed to achieve high throughput using a proprietary algorithm that independently optimizes orders, robots and workers, the company says. Self-lighting and smart navigation technology, combined with the robots’ ability to load and unload order-totes, enables flexible, safe operation with a system that keeps working even when workers take breaks, it adds. The scalable solution can be integrated into an existing facility setup without expensive infrastructure changes. Real-time monitoring and analytics are used to improve fulfillment time and ensure 100 percent accuracy, it adds. In addition, the system can be fully operational in four to six weeks, increasing warehouse efficiency between two to six times its previous benchmark, and achieves a return-on-investment in less than a year, it says.

NextShift Robotics
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