The 38th annual Natural Product Expo West & Engredea hosted more than 85,000 attendees. The show, produced by New Hope Network, took place March 7-11 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, Calif., and brought together 3,521 exhibiting companies, including more than 600 first-time exhibitors and more than 800 exhibitors in the new North Halls.

The exhibiting companies included hundreds of beverage brands as well as suppliers for the beverage industry. Below are highlights from some of those brands:

Cleveland-based ávitāe unveiled a new product: Sparkling ávitāe. The sparkling line is available in six varieties: Unflavored, Berry Kiwi, Raspberry Lime, Mandarin Passion Fruit, Black Cherry and its newest flavor, Watermelon. It also highlighted its line of fruit-flavored purified waters containing between 45 mg and 125 mg of natural caffeine.

Bai Brands LLC, a division of Plano, Texas-based Dr Pepper Snapple Group, showcased its new premium super purified antioxidant water packaged in 1-liter bottles. The pH balanced water is enhanced with the mineral selenium. It also highlighted a rebranded label for its ready-to-drink superteas, which will launch nationwide in May at Walmart and Krogers.

Barcelona, Spain-based Beauty & Go highlighted a range of beauty drinks that are enriched with macro-antioxidants from the skin of fruits to keep skin healthy and protect cells against oxidative stress, it says. The 250-ml drinks are available in Skin Revive, Skin Detox, Skin Brilliance and Skin Vitality.

Brooklyn, N.Y.-based BCGA Concept Corp., the manufacturer of Brooklyn Crafted, featured its Brooklyn Crafted Mini Bottles, a new line of craft ginger beers in 7-ounce bottles. Available in Traditional, Earl Grey, Lemon & Lime and Mango, the products contain 100 percent fresh, unfiltered ginger pieces consumers can see, it says.

Blendtopia, Nashville, Tenn., promoted its frozen, ready-to-blend Superfood Smoothie Kits in four flavors: Detox, Energy, Strength and Immunity. The kits are made from organic raw vegetables and fruits and include flax seeds, chia seeds and are lightly sweetened with stevia extract.

San Francisco-based BrainGear showcased its self-titled dietary supplement to boost brain performance. Available in Pineapple-Mango, the ready-to-drink formula features 1,845 mg of 13 brain-powering nutrients. The science-backed product was developed for optimum absorption and maximum efficacy, it says.

Bulletproof, Seattle, highlighted its collagen protein dietary supplement powders designed to support healthy skin, flexible joints, and strong bones and muscles, it says. Containing 23 grams of grass-fed protein, the product is available in Unflavored, Chocolate and Vanilla varieties. The company also featured four ready-to-drink cold-brew coffees containing Brain Octane oil and grass-fed butter for sustained energy.

Busy Bee Yerba Mate, San Marcos, Texas, promoted its Fair Trade, ready-to-drink energy drinks for increased productivity and focus. Available in Lavender Lemon, Orange Blossom, Ginger Limeade and Honey Mint, each 8-ounce beverage contains between 30 and 50 calories, 155 mg of caffeine and is sweetened with honey and cane sugar.

Los Angeles-based Califia Farms LLC unveiled Probiotic Dairy-Free Yogurt Nutmilks, a line of dairy-free, almond- and coconut-based yogurt drinks made with a trio of 10 billion live, active probiotic colony-forming units powered by Bifidobacterium (BB-12). Packaged in the brand’s signature 750-ml carafes and single-serve 8-ounce bottles, the dairy-free nutmilks are available in four flavors: Super Berry, Mango, Strawberry and Unsweetened Plain.

Traverse City, Mich.-based CherryCentral, a brand of Indian Summer, promoted its fresh-pressed, no-added-sugar Montmorency Cherry Juice made with 100 percent tart Montmorency cherries.

Cheribundi, Geneva, N.Y., highlighted its 100 percent natural tart cherry juice, which supports a healthy immune system, promotes muscle recover and improves sleep, it says.

Los Angeles-based CORE Nutrition will be launching CORE Organic in Cherry Berry Lime and Orange Mango flavors this spring. The USDA-certified, shelf-stable beverage is designed to support consumers’ daily immunity through the use of inactivated cultures, it says. The product also contains less than 1 gram of sugar and only 5 calories in each serving. In addition, CORE Hydration debuted a six-pack of its 30-ounce pH-balanced bottled water at the tradeshow.

Evolution Fresh, a division of Seattle-based Starbucks Corp., unveiled a variety of new products at the tradeshow. Evolution Fresh Daily Probiotic Smoothies is a line of four new organic smoothies made by combining a coconut milk base with juice from cold-press fruits and vegetables. Schedule to launch nationwide this month, the non-dairy smoothies contain 1 billion colony-forming units to support gut health and feature four flavors: Organic Date-licious Greens, Organic Banana Date, Organic Dark Chocolate Orange and Organic Mango Chai. Evolution Fresh Complete Daily Probiotic Smoothies combine 10 grams of plant-based protein with probiotics and fiber and are available in Organic Greens, Organic Strawberry and Organic Banana varietals.

Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Fawen introduced organic, shelf-stable and ready-to-drink chilled soup in Beet & Cabbage, Broccoli & Cauliflower, and Sweet Potato & Red Lentil varieties.

San Diego-based Good Farms promoted its ethically produced, 100 percent organic and non-GMO cold-pressed organic strawberry juice.

Iconic Protein, Santa Monica, Calif., announced the addition of two new flavors, Coconut Matcha and Golden Milk, to its line of grass-fed, on-the-go protein drinks that also includes Chocolate Truffle, Vanilla Bean and Café Au Lait. Available in single-serve, 11-ounce BPA-free bottles, each varietal contains 20 grams of protein, 3 grams of sugar and 130 calories, it says.

New York-based ITO EN (North America) Inc. introduced a new unsweetened flavor, Mandarin Orange Green Tea to its Teas’ Tea Organic line, while the unsweetened Cucumber Mint + Matcha + Green Tea has joined the Matcha Love cold-brew lines. In addition, the company promoted new Matcha LOVE Unsweetened single-serve packets of matcha powder available in a 15-box carton and Matcha LOVE Sweetened Green Tea Powder mix for barista-quality lattes.

Jackson Springs Water, Manitoba, Canada, highlighted its self-titled 1-liter glass bottles of natural spring water sourced from a private natural aquifer in South-Eastern Manitoba, Canada.

Glen Fall, N.Y.-based JUST Water promoted an extension to its line of flavored waters, JUST Infused, to its portfolio. Actors Will and Jaden Smith appeared at the booth to promote the new line of certified organic, unsweetened flavors and the company’s commitment to sustainability. Available in Organic Apple Cinnamon, Organic Tangerine and Organic Lemon flavors, JUST Infused contains Adirondack mountain spring water, a dash of organic fruit and spice essences, a hint of cinnamon, and zero calories and sweeteners, it says.

Karma Wellness Water, Pittsford, N.Y., highlighted its vitamin-based, shelf-stable waters and ready-to-drink probiotic beverages. Both lines contain the patented Karma cap, which releases premixed vitamins and probiotics, respectively, to ensure optimal product freshness with the push of a button.

Oxnard, Calif.-based KeVita, a brand of PepsiCo Inc., highlighted its three lines of Sparkling Probiotics and newest flavor, Watermelon Rose, the tea-based Master Brew Kombucha and newest flavor, Blueberry Basil, and Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic. All three lines contain billions of live probiotics and are USDA organic and Non-GMO Project Verified, it says.

Kill Cliff, Atlanta, highlighted its lineup of clean recovery and hydration sports drinks: Endure and Recover. Available in Orange Mist and Berry Punch in 20-ounce bottles, the new Endure line contains Palatinose, a low-glycemic and slow-release carbohydrate for sustained endurance, it says. The Recover line features electrolytes, B vitamins and no sugar or artificial flavors and is available in 21-ounce cans in Lemon Lime, Blackberry Lemonade, Blood Orange, Raspberry Blueberry and Pomegranate Punch.

Culver City, Calif.-based Leaner Creamer promoted its lactose-free, sugar-free powdered creamers, which are made with coconut oil and green tea leaf extract. The creamers are available in Original, French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Caramel, Mocha and its new flavor, Birthday Cake.

Lemoncocco, Seattle, promoted its premium, non-carbonated lemon and coconut beverage that is inspired by the drink stands in the piazzas of Roma, Italy, it says. A four-pack of 12-ounce cans is set to launch this spring.

Morton Grove, Ill.-based Lifeway Foods introduced new Probiotic Elixir beverages in Tangerine, Hibiscus, Ginger and Elderberry flavors. The cocktail mixers are USDA-certified organic, non-GMO, vegan, kosher and caffeine and gluten free, it says.

Live Soda, Austin, Texas, debuted a new line of probiotic, non-GMO sodas at the show. Available in 12-ounce cans, the sodas contain zero sugar and calories and are sweetened with monk fruit extract, it says. Live Soda is available in five flavors: Cola, Root Beer, Doctor, Lemon Lime and Ginger. The company also highlighted its line of Raw Kombucha Sodas and Sparkling Drinking Vinegars, which are USDA organic and Non-GMO Project Verified.

Llanllyr Source Water LLC, Hollywood, Fla., introduced its new line of all-natural mixers in eight flavors: Tonic Water, Light Tonic Water, Ginger Beer, Fiery Ginger Beer, Ginger Ale, Club Soda, Sparkling Lemonade and Bitter Lemon. It also showcased its range of still and sparkling waters drawn from certified organic farmland.

Austin, Texas-based Me & the Bees Lemonade featured its line of clean-label, gluten-free lemonades available in Original With Mint, Ginger, Prickly Pear and Iced Tea varietals. In addition, the family owned company noted that 10 percent of each bottle purchased goes to saving the honeybee population.

Boston-based Mocktails Beverages Inc. showcased its line of non-carbonated, GMO-free ready-to-drink mocktails available in single-serve glass bottles or four-packs in Mockapolitan, Mockarita, Sansgria and its newest flavor, Mockscow Mule.

Mountain Mel's Essential Goods LLC, Mt. Hood, Ore., showcased its handcrafted line of locally sourced, organically grown functional herbal teas available in 13 flavors at retailers in the Pacific Northwest.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands-based Natur announced that its line of premium, cold-pressed juices, shots, cereal smoothies and lemonades along with its Supercharged juices and smoothies will be launching in the United States.

1907 Water, New Zealand, promoted its naturally alkaline water, which first began bottling in 1907 from a 680-foot-deep aquifer in the country’s Kaimanawa Ranges. The water contains a pH level between 7.8 and 8.2 and is packaged in single-serve 16.9-ounce bottles, multipacks and 1-liter bottles. The water soon will be available in 12-ounce cans.

Peet’s Coffee, Emeryville, Calif., a division of Coldcraft, introduced several new ready-to-drink beverages at the tradeshow, including a shelf-stable, low-sugar-added Iced Espresso line packaged in 8-ounce slim cans in four flavors: Vanilla Latte, Carmel Macchiato, Mocha Latte and Black and White. The Peet’s cold-brew line added a new flavor, Nitro Baridi Black. The Stumptown line introduced Hair Bender Nitro Cold Brew to its line of single-serve coffee beverages. The companies also provided samples of revivekombucha, which is naturally fermented and brewed like a craft beer with yerba mate ginger as the base of its three flavors: Boogie Down, Wild Ginger and Free Ride.

Los Angeles-based Pique Tea Crystals featured its lineup of 10 organic tea crystals, which are designed to instantly dissolve in hot or cold water. Made from the whole teal leaf, the crystals contain the natural energy L-theanine and beneficial tea antioxidants, it says.

Worcester, Mass.-based Polar Beverages debuted Seltzer’ade at the tradeshow. The sparkling seltzer waters in Raspberry Pink Lemonade, Blueberry Lemonade, Mango Limeade, Watermelon Lemonade and Tart Cherry Limeade contain no juice, sweeteners and sugar and are packaged in 12-ounce cans and 8-packs.

Powell & Mahoney Craft Cocktail Mixers, Salem, Mass., highlighted its line of non-alcohol sparkling cocktail mixers available in four-packs of 12-ounce cans in Original Ginger Beer, Blood Orange, Sparkling Mojito and Sparkling Tonic flavors. It also showcased its 13 varietals of all-natural mixers designed to help create the perfect cocktail at home.

Proud Source Water, Boise, Idaho, highlighted its premium naturally alkaline available in 16- and 25.3-ounce resealable aluminum bottles. The waters have a 8.1 pH and are bottled at the source in the Northern Rocky Mountains, it says.

Dallas-based Purpose Tea debuted its unsweetened purple super teas at the tradeshow. Made from purple tea leaves, Purple Super Tea will launch this summer in three flavors: Mint to Be, Purple Reign and Lemon Bliss. In addition, the company launched its Direct Impact program, which commits 5 percent of sales to benefit female tea workers, it says.

Qjj debuted a drink designed to promote oral health. The teas are available in Lemongrass Ginger, Oolong, Pomegranate, White Peach and Lychee in 6-ounce cans and four-packs.

Ready Nutrition, Wexford, Pa., launched a range of gluten-free protein waters at the show. Each 16.9-ounce bottle contains 15 grams of protein, 70 calories, five electrolytes and zero grams of sugar. The waters are available in six flavors: Blueberry, Orange Mango, Pink Grapefruit, Cotton Candy Grape, Black Cherry and Lemon Ice.

Chicago-based Seasons Sparkling showcased its line of zero-calorie, zero-sugar and zero-sodium Sparkling Botanical Waters available in Matcha Ginger Tumeric, Grapefruit, Lemon and Orange flavors. It also highlighted its Sparkling Botanical Tonic Waters in Ginger Tonic, Grapefruit Tonic, Bitter Lemon Tonic and Honey Mint Tonic, which are lightly sweetened with organic maple syrup and organic honey, it says.

SOMA Jun Kombucha Rii, Portland, Ore., highlighted its range of small batch, handmade kombuchas containing 4 trillion probiotics. They are available in nine varietals.

Tempe, Ariz.-based Tea of a Kind introduced a new flavor, Raspberry Yerba Mate, to its line of antioxidant-based ready-to-drink (RTD) teas. The RTD teas also feature a patented, pressurized Vessl cap, which is designed to extend shelf-life and protect product freshness, it says.

Scottsdale, Ariz.-based truenopal highlighted its 100 percent all-natural cactus waters made with the fruit of the prickly pear. The non-GMO waters contain seven naturally occurring electrolytes and minerals and 18 calories in each serving.

Vermont Village, Barre, Vt., launched a line of malt vinegar-based shots made with Vermont craft beer, organic raw apple cider and vinegar. Available in 8-ounce glass bottles, the product is available in three flavors: Green Energy, Beauty Boost and Daily Detox.

VitrusNatura, Linares, Chile, showcased Bberri and Bsucus, its two lines of organic-certified, not-from-concentrate 100 percent juices in Blueberry Maqui and Grape Blueberry flavors. The USDA Organic juices contain no added sugar, artificial colors or additives and are made using an extraction process that preserves the high content of polyphenols in the berries, it says.

New York-based VOSS Water promoted its new line of flavored sparkling waters in Lemon Cucumber, Tangerine Lemongrass and Lemon Mint. Additionally, it highlighted an even stronger partnership with the independent, nonprofit Voss Foundation and its quest to provide clean water, sanitation and hygiene in Sub-Saharan Africa. In that regard, tradeshow attendees were able to enjoy a virtual 3-D experience of the company’s work to help residents build wells in the area and were also able to take a headset home.

Austin, Texas-based Waterloo Sparkling Water highlighted its line of self-titled non-GMO, gluten-free waters in seven flavors: Original, Black Cherry, Coconut, Grapefruit, Lime, Watermelon and Lemon. Soon-to-be packaged in 12-ounce BPA-free cans and 12-packs, the true-to-fruit waters contain zero calories, sugar and sodium.

Cottonwood, Ariz.-based Wild Tonic highlighted its line of alcohol and non-alcohol jun kombucha fermented teas brewed with certified organic fruit, herbs, spices and botanicals. Fermented with honey, Wild Tonic Jun Kombucha is available in nine flavors. With 5.6 percent alcohol by volume (ABV), Wild Tonic Hard Jun Kombucha is offered in five flavors, including its new flavors, Mango Ginger and Hoppy Buzz. Upcoming releases include the 7.6 percent ABV varietals Dancing Naked, Wild Love and Mind Spank.

Spain-based Zumo Juice Co. showcased its line of juices and drinkable soups in 16.9-ounce PET bottles. The products contain purified Mediterranean seawater, which delivers 78 bio-available trace minerals, it says.



In conjunction with Natural Products Expo West was the Engredea show. Below are some of the beverage highlights from the co-located tradeshow:

AIDP Inc., City of Industry, Calif., emphasized several ingredients, including the digestive health ingredient PRETICX, the cognitive health ingredient, Magtein, and its newest offering, KoAct, a patented compound of collagen peptides and calcium clinically proven to increase bone strength and bone mineral density.

Fort Wayne, Ind.-based Artemis International promoted its range of superberry-based extracts, including elderberry, aroniaberry and cranberry. It highlighted elderberry’s proven success for use in the immunity, cold and flu arena. In addition, it marketed its branded line of Berryceuticals and the Power of Flavonoids, particularly anthocyanins, to drive positive end health benefits in foods, beverages and dietary supplements.

Cargill, Minneapolis, presented an infographic that states that 76 percent of consumers are seeking sugar reduction in their foods and beverages. The company highlighted several sugar-reduction solutions, including EverSweet, a next-generation, calorie-free sweetener, which provides great taste with up to a 100 percent sugar replacement. In March, EverSweet became commercially available.

Louisville, Ky.-based DDW featured its label-friendly Purple Corn Juice concentrate which provides a vibrant orange-red color in lower pH applications while the color shifts to pink-purple as the pH increases, it says. The company announced that an organic version of Purple Corn Juice will be launching in 2018.

DSM Nutritional Products, Parsippany, N.J., highlighted its natural color solutions for beverages. Among its offerings is B-carotene 10 percent emulsion red to add strawberry flavor to milk drinks. It provided samples of tropical twist, a sparkling water colored with beta-carotene.

Hilmar, Calif.-based Hilmar Ingredients promoted its 9020 Whey Protein Isolate specifically for women’s nutrition. It provided samples of the ingredient in a pomegranate hibiscus tea protein energy drink with 12 grams of protein.

FutureCeuticals, Momence, Ill., showcased its rebranded Coffeeberry Cascara powders, which are sourced from the 25 million tons of the coffee waste stream that typically would be discarded, the company says. The company also promoted Coffeeberry Energy, the company’s proprietary combination of organic whole coffee fruit caffeine and the native chlorogenic acids found within the whole fruit. The company also noted that its ingredient NeuroFactor, derived from whole coffee fruit, has been clinical proven to significantly increase levels of a key neuroprotein (BDNF) to provide natural support for brain health.

Cleveland-based Ganeden, in partnership with Kerry, Beloit, Wis., promoted the clinically proven probiotic ingredient GanedenBC30 Bacillus coagulans, a new ingredient in Kerry’s portfolio that is designed to promote immune and digestive health. They highlighted a list of about 50 companies and 375 products containing Ganeden BC30 that launched this year. In addition, Kerry marketed the functional benefits of Wellmune, a natural immune health ingredient for foods, beverages and supplements clinically proven to help improve general immune health, protect against stress and promote healthy energy levels and mental clarity.

Gelita USA Inc., Sergeant Bluff, Iowa, debuted a line of four new specially designed gelatins to reduce cross-linking in soft capsules. They provide improved stability even under extreme storage conditions such as high temperatures and humidity, it says. The gelatins allow manufacturers to explore new challenging capsule fills with reactive fill components.

Commerce, Calif.-based Gold Coast Ingredients showcased its color and flavor solutions for the food, beverage and nutraceutical markets. It also displayed its line of natural and organic colors in powder and liquid forms (water-soluble and oil-soluble).

Kerry, Beloit, Wis., released a white paper titled “Clean Label Consumer Segments” at the show. Based on the company’s proprietary research, Kerry has segmented consumers based on their clean-label need state, adoption and viewpoints on ingredients and nutrition. While similarities in clean-label opinions exist, there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution, the paper adds.

New York-based Kyowa Hakko USA Inc. promoted its newest ingredient, Setria Glutathione, which is designed to help achieve optimal strength-training results by increasing nitric oxide production post-workout, it says. It also spotlighted two clinical proven ingredients: Cognizin citicoline to support memory and mental acuity, and Sustamine, a dipeptide containing the amino acids L-glutamine and L-alanine, to help with hydration and recovery in the sports nutrition market.

MacroLife Naturals Inc., Culver City, Calif., showcased its Macro Green and Miracle Reds Superfood powders to promote health and wellness. Macro Greens contain 38 nutrient-rich plant-based ingredients, 18 billion non-dairy probiotics and supports a health weight and immune system, it says. Miracle Reds are fortified with 19 superfruits, herbs, extracts, plant sterols and 1 billion probiotic to support healthy immunity. Both lines are non-GMO, vegan, gluten and dairy-free. It also provided samples of two superfood lines designed for kids: Macro Berri Reds and Macro Coco Greens which contain 4 grams and 2 grams of sugar, respectively.

Short Hills, N.J.-based OmniActive Health Tecnologies Inc. announced the addition of a powdered form of Gingever 2.0 to its Gingever range. The new addition will expand the use of the application in capsules, tablets and beverages, it says. In addition, the company presented a solution for sugar reduction, OmniLean, to help reduce blood sugar spikes after a meal, curb feelings of hunger and support satiety.

Minneapolis-based Taiyo International Inc. highlighted several ingredients for the beverage industry. These include the soluble, dietary fiber Sunfiber made from the guar bean that has been self-affirmed GRAS and Non-GMO Project Verified; the Sunphenon series, including the Teavigo, a green tea extract with natural catechins; Suntheanine, which contains the company’s exclusive brand of L-theanine to promote mental relaxation and focus; and SunAmla, a superfruit produced by a water extraction of the Indian Gooseberry for use in beverages, powder drink mixes and dairy products.

TIC Gums, White Marsh, Md., in partnership with Ingredion, Westchester, Ill., introduced the Simplistica line of ingredient systems, which enables beverage-makers to optimize their formulation and label claim goals with a nutritionally and texturally sound product, it says. The portfolio now includes hydrocolloids, starches, plant proteins and sweeteners. The company offered samples of a coconut milk yogurt, which contained its Simplistica YG 3206 that leverages faba beans and stabilizers and 5 grams of protein to optimize vegan yogurt. BI