Lucas Bols announced that its line of Bols Liqueurs now is wrapped in new, premium labels. “We are excited to refresh our packaging with new labels to further highlight our premium position within the liqueurs category,” said Brett Dunne, managing director, in a statement. “Our mission has always been to improve the cocktail experience for our customers when they visit their local bar or restaurant as well as for home entertaining. We believe our new labels will enhance the consumers experience with Bols Liqueurs.” The back label now includes tasting notes from Bols Master Distiller to help educate bartenders about the nose and flavor of the product, individual signature cocktail suggestions from the master distiller to serve as guidance for at-home cocktail preparation and improved paper quality. Additionally, the iconic Bols logo now is crowned by the name of the brand’s birth place, “Amsterdam,” as well as “since 1575,” the year Bols was established, and the Bols family crest, it adds.