STōK Cold Brew Coffee, a brand of White Plains, N.Y., and Broomfield, Colo.-based DanoneWave, is celebrating National Coffee Day tomorrow by providing cold-brew coffee drinkers an extra boost of motivation. As part of their new "Cold-Brewed Courage" campaign, the Low & Slow coffee company, together with Minneapolis-based advertising agency Fallon, created a Motivation Hotline you can call for a double pump of inspiration.

In this inaugural campaign for STōK, Fallon created an actual hotline where callers are greeted by a series of offbeat motivational quotes when they dial 1-855-3MOTIV8.

"National Coffee Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the creativity, passion and drive of our consumers," said Monisha Dabek, brand director at STōK, in a statement. "We know they want more out of their coffee experience than ever before. They want to discover and create, and they need liquid motivation to keep them going.  That's what makes STōK a perfect fit for them, and why the motivational hotline works so well."

STōK and Fallon also built real handset telephones where people can connect directly to the motivational speaker by simply lifting the receiver. These phones were successfully debuted at select college campus across the country during the first week of school.

"Sometimes we all need a little coffee to get us motivated, so we created things that pushed off of motivational tropes," said Patrick Figueroa, creative director at Fallon, in a statement. "Whether it's through moving posters or through a hotline that sounds like you're getting advice from Yoda…if Yoda drank too much cold brew coffee."

The following are some of the encouragements that callers will be greeted by:

  • Never give up. Unless you're fighting with your dreams. Then, give up and let your dreams win!
  • A single twig is just one beaver away from a mighty dam. And now, it's time to build!
  • When life throws a wrench at your plans, catch it and use it to build a machine that throws wrenches back at life. You know what SToK always says, a wrench for a wrench.

The fully integrated campaign by Fallon features a series of online videos where offbeat motivational posters come to life. As STōK's motivational speaker proclaims in the "Dream Alarm Clock" video, to achieve your dreams … you must be awake. In another clip, he tells viewers to sip a STōK to feel majestic like an eagle.

The campaign also includes a comprehensive digital and social media plan, including an exclusive partnership with NPR podcasts, including the TED Radio Hour and NPR's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me.