Kerry launched ProDiem, a plant-based protein solution optimized for nutrition, taste and texture. ProDiem uses a proprietary processing technique and the company’s flavor-masking technology to address the grainy, chalky texture and mask the characteristic offnotes and bitterness traditionally associated with plant-based proteins, the company says. The ingredient delivers complementary combinations of plant proteins, including pea, potato, rice and oats, to improve a product’s protein quality by delivering an amino acid profile closer to that of an animal protein, it adds. “As consumers become more informed about their food choices, they look for quality products that offer nutritional benefits and taste great,” said Jennifer Intagliata, Kerry’s vice president of nutrition, in a statement. “Plant-based proteins are ideal options, but product manufacturers have been limited by formulation challenges, including diminished nutritional values and poor taste. Kerry created ProDiem to push past the limitations of traditional plant-based proteins, providing a great tasting, high-quality plant protein source.” ProDiem was developed to help deliver a source of high-quality protein in products focused on health and wellness, performance nutrition, and weight management, it adds.

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