Palm Bay International introduced Tequila Bribón, a new concept created in partnership with Casa Don Roberto, a family-owned tequila producer that has been distilling since 1840. Named for the legendary Mexican figure depicted on the label, the “Bribón” embodies a charismatic and courageous man about town, the company says. The 40 percent alcohol-by-volume tequila is distilled using hand-harvested 100 percent blue agave. The spirit is double distilled combining stainless steel pot-still distillation with column distillation, resulting in a tequila that is crystalline in appearance with the aromas of lime, agave, jalapeño, white pepper, a touch of minerality and a hint of sweetness, the company says. Tequila Bribón is available nationwide and retails for $19.99 for a 750-ml bottle.

Palm Bay International, Port Washington, N.Y.
Distribution: National