Van Gogh Vodka unveiled new packaging for its self-titled lineup of vodkas. The project was a collaboration between Van Gogh Vodka and Spring Design Partners, which sought to re-imagine the on-shelf expression of the iconic namesake by creating a standout design that would elevate the flavored vodka segment, capture the millennial market and contemporize the brand, it says. It also wanted to elevate the experience of the brand so that the packaging matched the high quality of the content inside, it adds. Each of the lineup’s eight flavors — Original, Double Espresso, Cool Peach, Dutch Caramel, Espresso, Acai-Blueberry, Pineapple and Wild Apple — features a unique expression, achieved with oil paint on canvas in a hand reminiscent of Van Gogh that combines expressive brush strokes and color with a textured varnish to create a sense of tactility, it says. The neck of each bottle features “the art of vodka” reversed out of black type while Van Gogh is printed in black type on a white label at the top of neck, it adds.