Slim style

Heineken debuted a 250-ml slim can in Brazil in partnership with Crown Embalagens Metálicas da Amazônia S.A., a joint venture of Crown Holdings Inc. and Évora S.A, marking the first time Crown’s 250-ml slim can was made available in the Americas, the company says. Heineken 250-ml slim cans already are available in Europe and Asia, it adds. “As in other parts of the world, Brazilian consumers are seeking greater convenience and more choices from their favorite brands. Bringing the 250-ml, slim-style beverage can to Brazil will let us satisfy those needs,” said Wilson Toyama, Heineken Brazil procurement director, in a statement.

Unique match

Jägermeister unveiled a new incarnation of its iconic green bottle. The new bottle design more optimally embodies the quality and history of the liqueur, the company says. Featuring a more defined shape with higher, more squared-off shoulders, the new bottle also includes a more mature and realistic stag, a framed label with a new shape, a bold logo type and additional depth, along with new label copy that further highlights the product, it adds. Both the 750-ml and 1-liter bottles stand nearly an inch taller than the previous versions. Additionally, an enhanced, ultra-premium cap bears the signature of the spirit’s founder Curt Mast, along with the year 1878, which commemorates when the company was created, it says. “The new Jägermeister bottle symbolizes the craftsmanship behind our product and strengthens the message around the brand’s high-quality standards, while also celebrating its rich past,” said Jeff Popkin, chief executive of Sidney Frank Importing Co. Inc., in a statement.

Conveying a new message

At NACS 2016, Celsius debuted a brand refresh, including a new logo and packaging design for its 12-ounce cans. The new design includes the addition of a degree symbol that ties to the brand name and creates a globally recognizable symbol, the company says. The new logo utilizes a bold black font and incorporates the tag line: Live Fit, which affirms a fitness lifestyle versus a temporary diet item, it adds. The top of the cans highlight a no sugar or preservatives claim, while the scientifically backed benefits of the product are listed in a branded strip near the bottom of the can. Additionally, the bottom of the can features interlocking rings that are associated with various athletic feats and activities. Sparkling SKUs include bubble graphics, while non-sparkling SKUs feature all-white bodies.

A refined look

Pinnacle Vodka released a new bottle for its Pinnacle Original Vodka. The new packaging features the brand’s more polished, refined look and encapsulates the clean and smooth profile of the vodka inside, the company says. The new bottle features an updated mountain logo and font that reinforce the quality of the product, it adds.

Color on the can

As a part of its collaboration with DreamWorks Animation and the film “Trolls,” Sparkling Ice launched the UnconTROLLable Flavor campaign, which featured a variety of elements, including custom coloring cans. Through the end of the month, Sparkling Ice is offering a series of “Trolls” fridge packs that include limited-edition coloring cans, which enable consumers to directly color on the packaging, the company says. The color-the-can packs include eight 8-ounce cans featuring popular characters from the film. Consumers are invited to snap and share photos of their creations online on the Sparkling Ice Facebook page or by using the hashtag #UnconTROLLableFlavor, it adds.

New Z

Pepe Zevada Z Tequila released a new look for its line of tequilas. The new label still features the brand’s iconic Z, but takes inspiration from colonial and mid-century modern Mexican styles, the company says. Dee Kelleher, president of Empresario Brands, the parent company of Z Tequila, led the design initiative. “We wanted a new label that would represent the bold agave flavor of Z Tequila while honoring the traditions and heritage of Mexico’s national spirit,” she said in a statement. All four expressions of Z Tequila — Z Tequila Blanco, Z Tequila Reposado, Z Tequila Añejo and Zevada Family Gran Reserva Extra Añejo — have the updated label; however, the Gran Reserva Extra Añejo kept its own distinct packaging.