Jägermeister unveiled a new incarnation of its iconic green bottle. The new bottle design more optimally embodies the quality and history of the liqueur, the company says. Featuring a more defined shape with higher, more squared-off shoulders, the new bottle also includes a more mature and realistic stag, a framed label with a new shape, a bold logo type and additional depth, along with new label copy that further highlights the product, it adds. Both the 750-ml and 1-liter bottles stand nearly an inch taller than the previous versions. Additionally, an enhanced, ultra-premium cap bears the signature of the spirit’s founder Curt Mast, along with the year 1878, which commemorates when the company was created, it says. “The new Jägermeister bottle symbolizes the craftsmanship behind our product and strengthens the message around the brand’s high-quality standards, while also celebrating its rich past,” said Jeff Popkin, chief executive of Sidney Frank Importing Co. Inc., in a statement.