The founders of Miami Bay Beverage LLC, Branford, Conn., announced that the company is changing its name to trimino Brands, effective immediately. Trimino, which produces a protein water in the functional beverage category, has experienced explosive growth since its launch in late 2014, the company says. 

Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of trimino Brands Bob Leary said in a statement, “The change was made to better reflect the core brand that is helping make the company successful and to position it for exciting brand extension coming in 2017.

“We’re a fast-growing, player in the functional beverage space and a leader in the protein water segment so it makes sense to streamline our corporate branding,” he continued.  “Consumers today want to know who’s behind their product and we want to be as transparent and clear as possible. We make trimino, and we are trimino.”

An aggressive business strategy, early retailer acceptance and a well-positioned product has produced more than a 400 percent growth year over year, with expectations for a strong finish in 2016, the company says. Trimino currently is available in more than 5,500 chain and independent supermarkets, convenience stores, warehouse/club, drug, fitness and other retailers, principally in the Northeast and in Texas, it adds.

In addition, partnerships with online retailers and exclusive promotions are expected to boost sales further, it says. The brand now can be purchased through Peapod and Amazon with orders from the latter compounding by 50 percent a month, the company says.

In January, trimino Brands will begin producing a mixed-flavor club pack featuring three flavors: Coconut Pineapple, Strawberry Lemonade and Peach, which will be targeted to club stores and on-line retail channels, it adds.

“Demand for the club pack is an example of the kind of incredible acceptance we’ve experienced from our retail partners. The brand performs and they want to do more with us, and we’re happy to oblige,” Leary said.