More and more companies are embracing corporate social responsibility (CSR) and recognizing the ways in which it resonates with various consumer demographics. CSR initiatives can vary, and many beverage companies have engaged in one program or another. These can include monetary donations based on sales, partnerships and the donation of products or services during times of need.

However, a few beverage companies have noticed a need for a different type of CSR initiative. Since April 2015, Minute Maid’s Doin’ Good campaign has been reminding parents of the ways in which they make a difference in the lives of their children.

Most recently, Starbucks Coffee Co. launched a CSR initiative that aims to remind people of the good in the world. The company’s original content series, “Upstanders,” is designed to inspire people to engage in acts of compassion, citizenship and civility, it says.

Ten stories, available through the company’s website, highlight people who are doing extraordinary things for positive change in their communities.

“We’ve asked ourselves, what is the role and responsibility of a public company and, as citizens, how can we catalyze hope in a time when we need more optimism, empathy, compassion and leadership,” Starbucks Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Howard Schultz said in a statement at the time of the launch. “The upstanders featured in this series are inspiring individuals whose actions are emblematic of the American spirit and what is missing from so much of today’s national dialogue. We have always been storytellers at heart, and more of these stories need to be heard. We are using our scale to share them as broadly as possible.”

While other CSR initiatives might only reach those passionate about various causes, these initiatives touch all types of consumers and encourage social change by lifting their spirits. BI