High-energy forklift efficiency

Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc. introduced its new EZS C40NA to its Jungheinrich Lift Truck line, an 8,000-pound-capacity Jungheinrich tow tractor. Combining the latest generation of alternating-current technology with advanced regenerative braking, the new model can run as many as two shifts on a single battery charge for greater productivity, the company says. Other features include electric steering and precise control, which consists of three pre-set, adjustable travel programs and a proprietary Curve Control feature that automatically reduces traveling speed when turning corners; a compact design that allows for a better turning radius and improved maneuvering in tight spaces; and a one-year/2,000-hour warranty that includes parts and labor as well as components and systems, it adds.

Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc.,  2121 W. Sam Houston Parkway North, Houston, Texas 77043; 713/365-1000; mit-lift.com.

Accommodating accessories

Charles Ross & Son Co. introduced an optional workbench for its multi-shaft mixers, double-planetary mixers and planetary dispersers that can accommodate a discharge system, heater/cooler, vacuum pump and other accessories, the company says. The custom mixing stations include leveling mounts on caster wheels for mobility, it adds. Equipped with an air/oil hydraulic lift for raising and lowering the mix canister to and from the operating position, the 1-quart double-planetary mixer features two sets of interchangeable planetary agitators — helical high-viscosity stirrers and classic rectangular blades. Rated for vacuum up to 29.5 inches, the mixer also includes glass sight/charge ports, a tank light, a heating/cooling jacket and a thermocouple for measuring product temperature. Positioned on the lower shelf of the workbench, an open-bath hot water heater is plumbed to the mixer and pre-wired to the mixer’s control panel, it adds. After each mixing cycle, the vessel is simply rolled  to a high-pressure follower-plate discharge system for direct transfer of the finished product into cartridges or other containers.

Charles Ross & Son Co., 710 Old Willets Path, Hauppauge, N.Y. 11788; 800/243-7677; mixers.com.

Carton size versatility 

Evergreen Packaging introduced its new SmartPak cartons with 40-, 48-, 52- and 59-ounce options available. Designed to meet the need for various sizes in the growing refrigerated beverage category, the new product provides benefits for brands in the areas of branding, sustainability, transportation and storage efficiencies, the company says. Additionally, the design provides steady pouring control for all ages. The recyclable cartons are made from 70 percent paper produced from trees in forests where responsible practices are used and overall growth exceeds harvest. The new line also is designed to help maximize product portfolios and increase product differentiation, the company says. A one-time conversion also is offered to processors using certain half-gallon filling machines, allowing the flexibility to change between any of it carton sizes, it adds.

Evergreen Packaging, 5350 Poplar Ave., Suite 600, Memphis, Tenn. 38119; 901/821-5350; evergreenpackaging.com.

Ready for robotics

Douglas Machine Inc. offers a robotic TriVex Sl/Sli top-load case packer that packs bags and pouches in individual or standup configurations into retail-ready cases with one or two product facings, the company says. Running at speeds as high as to 150 products a minute, the dual Scara robots combine the functionality of a product infeed, pack-pattern collation and case-loading functions into one mechanism, it adds.

Douglas Machine Inc., 3404 Iowa St., Alexandria, Minn. 56308; 320/763-6587; douglas-machine.com.

Sensor technology systems 

GP Resources LLC announced the launch of a real-time thickness-measurement system for the plastic bottle and container manufacturing market. Based on new, non-contact optical technology that enables the independent measurement of bottle walls on all sides, the GPR wall thickness system (WTS) can be installed on an existing conveyor downstream of a blow molding machine for 100 percent product inspection, the company says. As containers pass through the WTS, it reads their thicknesses in desired locations and instantly displays them on a trend chart, which provides immediate feedback allowing the machine operator to quickly optimize blow molder settings after changeovers and during daily production, it adds. The WTS also can be set up to automatically alert operators with stack lights and to reject containers that exceed specified thickness limits.

GP Resources LLC., 4380 N. Industrial Drive, Cumming, Ga. 30041; 678/883-5477; gprllc.us.

Case packing craft beer

Standard-Knapp Inc. announced the availability of the 939S Versatron Soft Catch Servo Case Packer, which is well-suited for case packing in the craft beer industry, the company says. The machine features a two-axis servo system, which allows the packer to gently catch the product as it descends into the case. With its convenient push-button height-adjustment feature, the lift table moves the case to the up position and waits until the bottle grid is full before initiating bottle descent, it adds. The machine, which operates at speeds as fast as 45 cases a minute for all bottle sizes, is customizable with right-angle or counter-flow case-feed, a color touchscreen, flask handling, and label protection strips. The machine also can handle plastic, corrugated, HSC, RSC, Tablock and tray case types, it adds.

Standard-Knapp Inc., 63 Pickering St., Portland, Conn. 06480; 860/342-1100; standard-knapp.com.

Beverage dispensing solutions

Flojet, a brand of Xylem Inc., featured  its new bag-in-box beverage dispense system, the BevJet5000, at the 2016 National Restaurant Association Show in May. The Flojet BevJet5000 is a bag-in-box dispensing system designed for wines, juices, teas and liquors that have an alcohol content that is less than 15 percent, the company says. The compact solution enables installation under counters or in other tight spaces, and bag-in-box beverages stay fresh weeks after opening and reduce costs related to packaging, shipping and storing, it adds.

Xylem Inc., 1133 Westchester Ave., White Plains, N.Y. 10604; 914/323-5700; xyleminc.com.

A clean ice solution  

Global ice machine and dispenser manufacturer, Ice-O-Matic, debuted its new Ozone Delivery System, the O3-Matic, at the 2016 National Restaurant Association show. The device infuses ozone into incoming water, kills microbes on every surface it touches and slows future growth, the company says. The ozone also becomes entrapped in the ice cubes, carrying the same sanitation benefits to the bin and dispenser, it adds. Introducing ozone also increases intervals between sanitizing, impedes microbial growth while continually sanitizing the ice-making system, and diminishes mold, mildew, bacteria and viruses, according to the company. Ozone also improves the taste and eliminates odor in iced drinks. The Ice-O-Matic’s O3-Matic is designed for modular cube ice makers and can be retrofitted to all existing units, it adds.

Ice-O-Matic, 11100 E. 45th Ave., Denver, Colo. 80239; 800/423-3367; iceomatic.com.

Sensing calibrations

Schneider Electric announced the launch of a new Foxboro Smart pH Sensor and Transmitter that combines a rugged polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) body with enhanced smart capabilities for customers who need higher performance and longer life with easier, faster and more reliable calibrations, the company says. After the device is calibrated using a standard or reference transmitter or computer, the calibration parameters are stored in an on-board memory chip, making it easy for operators to access and upload the calibration parameters, it adds. Using on-board electronics in the sensor body, the device also enables pH and temperature signals to be converted from analog to digital. Other features include sensor and transmitter diagnostics and save-and-restore configurations, which allow two configuration profiles to be saved, reducing operator time and costs, it adds.

Schneider Electric, 38 Neponset Ave., Foxboro, Mass. 02035; 866/746-6477; schneider-electric.com.

Paper perfection

Zanders GmbH, a manufacturer of specialty papers and boards, relaunched its Silver digital range, which is designed for toner-based digital printing, the company says. The two-sided, double-coated paper and board is available in both gloss and matte finishes, it adds.

Zanders GmbH, 51465 Bergisch Glabbach, Germany; +049-02202-15-0; zanders.com.