Indaba, the flagship South African brand from Cape Classics, is getting a makeover this year. The wines have emerged with a fresh, elegant label created by premier South African designer Studio Anthony Lane, which strengthens brand communications, the company says. The importer’s distribution partners will offer new vintages with the redesigned label, starting with the 2015 Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc, and continuing with the 2014 Merlot. The new label contains white stock that replaces the darker craft paper adorning the current bottles. The “I” is, in part, symbolic of the Zulu origins of the word “Indaba” and the seal on which the “I” sits is a nod to the handcrafted and authentic nature of the wine, it adds. The embossed floral scroll is the inside of a protea flower, a genus of South African botanicals that grow in a wide variety of forms, depicting the complexity and depth of the wine, it explains. The use of the flower also is representative of the sustainable production of Cape Classics, it adds.