In a nationwide effort, U.S. importer Palm Bay International and Argentinian winery Bodegas Callia launched new packaging for their Callia Alta range. Nestled in the Tulum Valley in Argentina’s San Juan province, the winery’s name is inspired by the legend of a young immigrant woman named Callia who arrived in the area and described it as a paradise endowed with abundant fruits despite the desert landscape, the company says. The new label captures Callia’s whimsical spirit with a design that features a woman surrounded by nature, hot-stamped leaves and embossing on a velum paper stock. The Callia Alta range includes Malbec, Shiraz, Pinot Grigio and Torrontes varieties, each crafted to showcase the ripe fruit flavors achieved in the dry, sunny climate of the Tulum Valley and retailing for $8.99.