Los Angeles-based Pabst Brewing Co., announced today that it will open a new brewery in Milwaukee on the site of the original Pabst Brewery, which was founded in 1844. Partnering with Milwaukee-based developers Zilber Ltd. and BRM, Pabst plans to sign a multi-year lease on a building within the Pabst brewery complex and expects to open the brewery to the public in the summer of 2016, marking a return to its hometown and birthplace, the company says.

The brewery will serve as Pabst’s hub for innovation and new product ideas, and will be a central feature of Zilber’s redevelopment of the Pabst brewery complex, the company says. In addition to brewing many of Pabst’s iconic pre-prohibition brands, such as Old Tankard Ale, Kloster Beer, Bock, Andecker, and others, the company also intends to brew new craft beers inspired by recipes from the Pabst archives, it says. The venue will offer visitors brewery tours, historical memorabilia, a tasting room, beer garden, and a restaurant and bar, which will serve food and feature exclusive small-batch brews only available on-site.

“The launch of this brewery in Pabst’s original home represents a long-awaited return to our roots,” said Eugene Kashper, chairman and chief executive officer of Pabst Brewing Co., in a statement. “Milwaukee is our home — the Pabst Mansion, the Pabst Theater, Pabst Farms, and this beautiful brewery complex — these are all part of Frederick Pabst’s amazing legacy, which we are honored to continue by returning to our hometown and birthplace.”

Ying Chan, president of BRM added: “We could not have found a more fitting partner for the old Pabst brewery complex. Pabst is finally coming home and will be in the same complex it occupied so many years ago. We are thrilled to be a part of the revival of Milwaukee’s brewing heritage.”

Deuhs, Pabst master brewer and longtime Milwaukee resident added: “Our brews will symbolize the historic progression of beer styles throughout our 171-year relationship with Milwaukee's beer lovers. We are looking forward to partnering with local residents and businesses and engaging with this community that has been so supportive and loyal to us over the years.”

A Letter of Intent has been signed and the lease agreement is expected to be signed by Aug. 15. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.