Unicer released its effervescent mineral water Pedras Salgadas that is sourced from 3,000 feet deep at Trás-Os-Montes in Portugal’s north interior. It is available in select markets in New York and New Jersey for a suggested retail price of $1.79 for a 250-ml bottle and $4.99 for a six-pack of 250-ml bottles.

Pedras Salgadas
Unicer, Pedras Valley Portugal
: 646/346-1758
Internet: pedras.com/en/home.aspx
Distribution: Select markets
Ingredients: Total mineralization (mg/L): 2831 pH: 6,1 silicon dioxide (Si02); 64 bicarbonate (HC03-); 1983 cloride (Cl-); 30 nitrate (N03-); 0,2 calcium (Ca2+); 100 sodium (Na+): 591 magnesium (mg2+): 24