Davidson’s Organics, Sparks, Nev., announced it is expanding its private-label beverage program because of popular demand. The program, which offers custom tea bags, bulk teas and iced teas, now will offer wider capabilities through the company’s investment in new machinery as well as its NSF International certification.

Davidson’s Organics’ equipment acquisitions include new tea-bagging equipment to expand its fresh iced tea bag offerings, and a fourth tea blender, which increased the total blending capacity to 3,000 pounds for each batch, the company says.

“Thanks to the capabilities of our new equipment to produce on such a high level, our private labeling has really taken off,” said Davidson’s Organics Chief Executive Officer Kunall Patel, in a statement. “By expanding the program, we can meet the demand and continue to exceed customer expectations through delivering only the finest quality product.”

The company achieved its NSF International certification last year. NSF International certification assures customers and retailers that Davidson’s Organics meets the highest standards of food safety and food processing.