Ready for retail

Rehrig Pacific Co. introduced a new direct-store-delivery (DSD) solution: its DSD GeoSystem (DSD-GS). The system is designed to optimize beverage and other retail delivery applications by improving the methods for picking, loading and distributing DSD retail products. Composed of four key components — the DSD R40 Electric Lift, the GS Pallet, the DSD Hydraulic Sled and Pallet Wrapz — the DSD-GS solution reduces delivery times, increases routing efficiencies, lowers supply chain costs, improves customer engagement and advances sustainability initiatives, the company says. More specifically, the DSD R40 Electric Lift is approximately 800 pounds lighter than competitive models but can hold 4,000 pounds. Rehrig Pacific’s new GS Pallet moves picking to the distribution center and provides an efficient method of delivery by enabling more stops made with fewer routes, it explains. The DSD Hydraulic Sled is designed to speed up productivity when making deliveries on uneven surfaces, including ramps and high thresholds. Finally, the DSD-GS’ Pallet Wrapz feature provides an eco-friendly, reusable alternative to plastic stretch film.

Rehrig Pacific Co., 4010 E. 26th St., Los Angeles, Calif. 90058; 800/421-6244;


A combined solution

Westfalia Technologies Inc. launched a solution that combines a warehouse management system and a warehouse control system into a single application. The Savanna.Net Warehouse Execution System (WES) directs, controls and optimizes internal material flow and order picking. With the flexibility to operate as a standalone software solution or with any automated storage and retrieval system, the Savanna.Net WES simplifies and controls the entire warehousing process while reducing the complexity of using several different function-specific applications, the company says. As a result, users can more efficiently utilize warehouse space and equipment, increase order accuracy, improve customer service, reduce the risk of lost or damaged product, and raise throughput and productivity, it adds.

Westfalia Technologies Inc., 3655 Sandhurst Drive, York, Pa. 17406; 717/764-1115;


Tackling temperature

Charles Ross and Son Co.’s 2,000-gallon Triple-Shaft Mixer features a helical three-wing anchor agitator, a high-speed saw-tooth disperser blade, and a high-shear rotor/stator emulsifier for handling heavy-duty paste, gel, dispersion, suspension or slurry mixing under controlled temperatures and producing a wide range of shear levels. The helical domed cover includes flanged ports, spray balls, a resistance temperature detector thermoprobe and a 24-inch manway. The rest of the machine features a pneumatically operated sanitary discharge valve, dimpled 100-psig stainless steel jacket, and rotary vane vacuum pump. Rated for full vacuum operation as high as 29.5 inches of Hg, the Triple-Shaft Mixer is made of stainless steel 316L wetted parts polished to a 240-grit finish. The mixer is controlled from a 15-inch color touchscreen connected to a pre-programmed programmable logic controller.

Charles Ross & Son Co., 710 Old Willets Path, Hauppauge, N.Y. 11788; 800/243-7677;


Enhanced pods

Topmarketing designed new safety and sanitation features that can be incorporated into single-cup pods. The safety features are designed to relieve excess pressure from the pod during brewing, minimizing dangerous conditions associated with faulty top seals, blocked exit needles and other manufacturing defects that can cause explosions, the company says. For easy cleaning of single-serve brewers, the company also makes cleaning pods filled with cleaning solution. Users can peel off a strip on the outside of the pod to allow the cleaning solution to exit the pod and clean the brewer cartridge’s side walls, cavity and needles. By cleaning the brewer between flavors, consumers can protect the flavor of each cup of beverage they brew, it says. Single-serve pods with these features are available for licensing through the company.

Topmarketing, 231 Raff Ave., Mineola, N.Y. 11501; 516/728-1865.


Ergonomic power

Yale Materials Handling Corp. released its MPR080VG and MPR100VG enclosed end-rider series of lift trucks for busy warehouse cross-docking, shipping and receiving applications. Engineered for multi-shift applications, the MPR080VG model end-rider offers 8,000 pounds and the MPR100VG model offers 10,000 pounds of lifting capacity, marking the highest lifting capacity compared with competitive enclosed end-riders. The lift trucks also are configured with a 160-inch fork length, which allows operators to transport as many as four single- or eight double-stacked pallets. The enclosed end-riders are equipped with Yale iSi Technology, which allows truck performance to be matched properly with the operator’s skill level. Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and productivity, the enclosed end-rider compartment features a high backrest; fully padded compartment; and cushioned, electronic floor mat. The electronic floor mat contains a center-mounted brake pedal and exclusive multi-zoned operator floor presence system, which help operators achieve a more natural stance during operation. In addition, the adjustable steer tiller and ergonomically sculpted multifunction control handle offer simple forward/reverse, lift/lower and horn functions.

Yale Materials Handling Corp., 1400 Sullivan Drive, Greenville, N.C. 27834; 252/931-5100;


Check the films

Liberty Technologies launched its Infinity family of stretch-wrap engineered films. The infinity film comes in three grades, which each provide unique advantages depending on the application. The Infinity-S general-purpose one-side cast film is a simple and economic solution for most common applications, the company says. It offers clear optics, a quiet unwind, and up to 275 percent pre-stretch for high levels of strength, puncture resistance and cling. The Infinity-HP high-performance cast film offers proven performance for high-stretch and high-speed wrapping applications. It also offers pre-stretched levels of 250-300 percent. The Infinity-UHP ultra-high-performance cast film provides the highest stretch and the lowest gauge of the three films with easy unwind, puncture and tear resistance and as much as 300 percent pre-stretch.

Liberty Technologies, a Millwood Inc. company, 3708 International Blvd., Vienna, Ohio 44473; 877/278-4875;


Quick wrap

PDC International Corp.’s PDC R-350 Evolution Shrink Sleeve Labeler handles unique containers, including taper-less containers, ovals, twin-packs, and rigid packages of all types, in sizes ranging from 2 to 64 ounces at speeds as fast as 400 containers a minute. For additional efficiency, shrink-sleeve rolls can be changed at production speed, and changeovers for mandrels, feed screws and other change parts are tool-less, reducing changeover downtime, the company says. Standard features on the R-350 include a stainless steel frame, upstream photo-eyes, material monitors, and an Allen Bradley CompactLogix programmable logic controller platform. The machine also can be customized with modules for precise vertical and horizontal consumer perforations, cut-off registration, stainless steel construction and componentry, and custom construction features. It also can be supplied with custom material handling that orients products in dual counter-rotating timing screws as well as servo-controlled gripper belts. This provides the most consistent presentation of packages for sleeving, the company says. The R-350 can be supplied as a stand-alone system or as an engineered line that includes conveyors, shrink tunnels, inspection modules and vision systems.

PDC International Corp., 8 Sheehan Ave., South Norwalk, Conn. 06854; 203/853-1516;


Splash zone

Andersen Flaps expanded its aerodynamic Eco-flaps splash guard line with a new 18-inch-wide splash guard for wide-based tires. This splash guard is available in custom lengths, which allows for less surface blocking airflow behind the tires, thus providing better highway fuel economy, the company says. The splash guard design also reduces wind resistance and excessive road spray by redirecting airbone water to the pavement rather than into passing or trailing vehicles’ lines of sight. Also like other Eco-flaps splash guards, the new 18-inch-wide option is made of durable, high-impact nylon, which is able to withstand extreme weather conditions, and is backed by a two-year warranty.

Andersen Flaps Inc., 1083 Chamberlain Ave., Chattanooga, Tenn., 37404; 866/543-5277;