Fred waterAs part of its mission to rid the world of sugar over-consumption and reduce the global amount of adult-onset diabetes and childhood obesity, Fred Water started selling its pocket-friendly water flasks empty. This allows consumers to fill and refill the bottle from free water sources and continue drinking water while on the go, the company says. In addition, reuse of the bottles reduces the number of plastic bottles used, offering an additional environmental benefit, it says. “We get a lot of questions about our business model with this mission of promoting water, refilling and now Empties,” said Adam Gayner, chief executive officer and co-founder of Fred Water, in a statement. “The model for Fred Water has been and always will be to do right by the consumer, exceed their needs and desires, and the business will sustainably grow and succeed. We innovate around consumer desires and know that we’re creating affinity and tremendous brand value with Fred.” Both full bottles of Fred Water as well as empty flasks in 13.5- and 20-ounce sizes can be purchased on the brand’s website.