Innova Market Insights, the Netherlands, used its ongoing analysis of key global developments in food and drink launch activity worldwide to identify the Top 10 trends most likely to impact the food and beverage industry in 2015 and beyond.

The following are five of the top food and beverage trends for 2015:

1. A move from “clean” to “clear” labels. Clean label claims were tracked on nearly a quarter of all food and beverage launches, with manufacturers increasingly highlighting the naturalness and origin of their products. With growing concerns about the lack of a definition of the term “natural,” however, there is a need for more clarity and specific details. Consumers, retailers, the industry and regulators are all driving more transparency in labelling.

2. Convenience for foodies. Continued interest in home cooking has driven demand for a greater choice of fresh foods and ingredients for cooking from scratch. As a result, manufacturers and retailers are offering more recipe suggestions to entice these at-home chefs.

3. Marketing to millennials. The millennial generation, which consists of consumers between the ages of 15 and 35, now accounts for approximately one-third of the global population. This tech-savvy and socially engaged generation is well informed and often wants to try something different. In addition, these consumers generally are less loyal to brands than older consumers but still want to connect with products and brands and know the stories behind them.

4. Snacks rise to the occasion. Formal mealtimes are continuing to decline in popularity, and growing numbers of foods and drinks now are considered to be snacks. Quick, healthy foods are tending to replace traditional meal occasions, and more snacks are targeted at specific moments of consumption, with different demand influences at different times of day.

5. Good fats, good carbs. Because consumers are concerned about obesity, there is a growing market emphasis on unsaturated and natural fats and oils, including omega-3 fatty acids. In the same way, naturally occurring sugar is being favored at the expense of added sugars and artificial sweeteners.

Innova will present the remaining five trends in a webinar on Nov. 6 at 10 a.m. Eastern time. Click here to register for the webinar.