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Starbucks Single OriginThis month, Starbucks Coffee Co. is expanding its coffee portfolio with three new single-origin coffees that each showcase the distinctive characteristics of the places where they were grown. Sourced from the highlands of the state of Santa Rosa, Guatemala, Guatemala Laguna de Ayarza coffee is medium-bodied, rich and balanced with crisp notes as well as a sweet and chocolaty mouthfeel, the company says. Found in the nutrient-rich, volcanic soil of Rwanda’s Rift Valley, Rwanda Rift Valley coffee has a medium body and medium acidity that showcases spicy dark chocolate notes with hints of sweet citrus and floral aromas, it says. Cultivated near Mount Ramelau in East Timor, Timor Mount Ramelau coffee displays a medium body and medium acidity with mild herbal spice notes and a sweet, roasted finish, it adds. The coffees are available in U.S. grocery stores for $11.99 for a 10-ounce package of ground coffee. Guatemala Laguna de Ayarza and Rwanda Rift Valley coffees also are available in 10-count K-Cup packs for $11.99 and in 16-count K-Cup packs for $14.99.

Starbucks Coffee Co., Seattle
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