New York-based TY KU Sake & Spirits created a new importing and marketing group, Davos Brands, under the direction of Founder and former Chief Executive Officer of Svedka Vodka Guillaume Cuvelier, who will serve as the new company’s vice chairman. Davos Brands will own and partner with wine and spirits brands to develop and execute innovative sales and marketing strategies.

Named after the highest city in Europe that represents a pristine environment, prestige and quality craftsmanship, Davos Brands will build a small portfolio of luxury brands including sake, vodka and other spirits. The portfolio will debut with TY KU sake imported from Japan and ZYR Russian Vodka.

“I’m thrilled to formally re-enter the exciting wine and spirits industry with Davos Brands,” Cuvelier said in a statement. “Our team is truly exceptional with proven, top industry performers. It is the key to success.

“We are well positioned for rapid growth with the strong support of our distributor network,” he continued.

As a result of strategic partnerships between TY KU Sake and top U.S. distributors, including Southern Wine & Spirits, Glazer’s and others, Davos Brands will focus on distribution of its portfolio of brands throughout the United States.

“With our talented team, strong distribution partnerships, effective route to market, entrepreneurial experience and innovative approach to marketing, we look forward to developing the highest-quality brands into industry icons,” said TY KU Chief Executive Officer Andrew Chrisomalis in a statement.

Davos Brands will immediately focus on the development of ZYR Vodka, which has been exclusively available in select East Coast markets for more than 10 years.

“With this partnership and all of the resources that will be brought to bear with Davos Brands, ZYR will soon be available from coast to coast,” said ZYR Vodka Founder and Chief Executive Officer David Katz in a statement. “I could not be more thrilled to entrust ZYR in the extremely capable, entrepreneurial and proven hands of the Davos Brands team.”

Davos Brands will invest significant resources in each brand, providing them with the sales, marketing, logistical and analytical platforms to achieve sustainable growth, it says.