Honest summer refreshersHonest Tea, an independent operating unit of The Coca-Cola Co., introduced a line of organic “summer refresher” beverages, including Honest Mint Limeade, Berry Hibiscus Lemonade, Original Lemonade, Mango Lemonade, and Half & Half Lemonade & Tea. Each variety contains 70 calories in each 8-ounce serving, which is approximately one-third fewer than similar beverages, the company says. Plus, the beverages are sweetened with Fair Trade Certified sugar, which is a first for the company. The sugar that Honest Tea purchases for the “summer refresher” beverages will benefit Fair Trade sugar farmers in Paraguay by helping to pay for community development projects of their choosing. A 32-ounce bottle retails for approximately $2.49.

Honest Tea, Bethesda, Md.
Internet: www.honesttea.com
Distribution: National