Cinemark Holdings Inc., Plano, Texas, announced that its chain of theaters now offer Honest Kids organic juice drinks. Starting immediately, the beverages are available in all of the company’s 334 cinemas nationwide. Honest Kids organic beverages are available for sale individually as well as in Cinemark’s Movie Snack Packs.

“Today’s parents are more interested than ever in providing low-calorie drink options containing juice to their children,” said Phillip Couch, senior vice president of food, beverage and amusements at Cinemark, in a statement. “And Cinemark strives to provide the best options to its customers so their time at Cinemark will be a great experience. Kids can enjoy a delicious juice drink as part of their Cinemark Movie Snack Pack, while parents can feel good about their children having a refreshment made of high-quality ingredients that is low-calorie and non-carbonated.”

In particular, Cinemark will offer Appley Ever After and Super Fruit Punch Honest Kids juice drink varieties in its Cinemark Movie Snack Packs.

“We’re thrilled to be part of Cinemark’s efforts to offer a fresh movie experience to their younger viewers,” said Seth Goldman, Honest Tea co-founder and TeaEO, in a statement. “What a fun way to introduce organic drinks to a family.”

According to the companies, Cinemark is the first national theater chain to offer Honest Kids organic juice drinks.