Mix it up

Anheuser-Busch (A-B) is encouraging consumers of legal drinking age to become amateur mixologists with its Bud Light Lime Mix-A-Rita 18-pack. Coinciding with the release of its new flavored malt beverages — Bud Light Lime Mang-O-Rita and Raz-Ber-Rita — the variety pack features six Lime-A-Ritas, four Straw-Ber-Ritas, four Mang-O-Ritas, and four Raz-Ber-Ritas. “With four permanent ‘Rita’ flavors to choose from, and our new, convenient mixed pack featuring them all, we’re excited to see consumers experiment and create their own ‘Mix-A-Rita’ combinations,” said Rob McCarthy, vice president of Bud Light, in a statement.


Opting for aluminum

2B Sparkling launched its monk-fruit-sweetened carbonated beverages in Rexam 12-ounce cans. In a statement, Rexam BCNA President and Chief Executive Officer Rich Grimley said: “Our 12-ounce can draws attention on store shelves by providing the best in colorful, reflective graphics as well as delivering superior recycling, filling, distribution and retail display economics.”


Artsy label

Dogfish Head Brewery is bringing back its spring seasonal Aprihop but with a new label on the bottle. The craft brewery commissioned artist Jermaine Rogers, who has completed artwork for music artists including Radiohead, Neil Young, David Bowie, The Deftones, Eddie Vedder and hundreds of others, to design the label for the American IPA brewed with pilsner and crystal malts. Describing the bunny on the label, Rogers said in a statement: “The bunnies are one of the more recognized characters I’ve done. My wife and I originally intended to have no children, so we got some bunnies on a whim ... so I would sit around sometimes and just draw them. I always liked the juxtaposition of drawing these cute little animals that are a little bit weird.” Rogers’ artwork also will appear on the company’s summer seasonal Festina Peche, fall seasonal Punkin Ale, and winter seasonal Piercing Pils.


Harkening back to its heritage

 Tree Top refreshed its logo and packaging designs across its product lines including its juice brand. These updates reflect the company’s key attributes as an established fruit expert and trustworthy provider, the company says. The fresh fruit images on its packaging tie in to Tree Top’s orchard-to-bottle story, it adds. Additionally, the new white background aligns with Tree Top’s simple, clean ingredients and helps unify the product family, it explains. “We take great pride in the brand and company we have cultivated since 1960,” said Tree Top President and Chief Executive Officer Tom Stokes in a statement. “Tree Top’s brand refresh speaks to consumers seeking wholesome, quality fruit ingredients.”