In 2013, U.S. retail sales of home soda machines increased 30 percent compared with the previous year, according to The NPD Group, Port Washington, N.Y. As a result, dollar sales of mixes and syrups increased 83 percent compared with 2012.

“The home soda category continues to appeal to consumers seeking convenient ways to customize beverages that range from plain seltzer to flavored options on demand while also being friendly to their wallets and the environment,” said Debra Mednick, executive director and home industry analyst for The NPD Group, in a statement.

Of the mix and syrup options available for home soda machines, regular and diet sodas still held the Top 2 spots. However, sales of flavored water options grew the most in 2013, nearly tripling the previous year’s results, The NPD Group reports.

Nevertheless, the NPD Group’s National Eating Trends service indicates that carbonated beverage consumption in the home has declined during the past two years, while bottled water consumption is up and has been growing for the past four years.

“Overall consumption of traditional soda in the home has declined, giving home soda machine manufacturers and beverage companies an opportunity to offset the trend by introducing new product offerings that capitalize on current consumer beverage preferences,” Mednick said in a statement.

Increased sales of carbon dioxide carbonators, which more than doubled in 2013, is a good indication that consumers are continuing to invest in, and use, soda-making machines, according to The NPD Group.

“Home soda-makers as a category is still in its infancy with relatively low household penetration,” Mednick added. “The potential of these machines is contingent upon broadening the category’s appeal with a wider variety of uses and offerings, ease of obtaining the consumables, and price.”