Hunniwater DetoxHunniwater LLC released a line of Hunniwater Detox drinks designed to help rid the body of toxins. Available in Raw Honey and Cinnamon, Raw Honey and Matcha, and Raw Honey, Ginger and Cayenne varieties, each beverage touts specific benefits for the consumer. Raw Honey and Cinnamon was designed for consumers seeking heart health, appetite regulation and a brain boost; Raw Honey and Matcha is ideal for consumers who need energy, antioxidants and a metabolism boost; and Raw Honey, Ginger and Cayenne is for those who want to improve digestion, immunity and joint health, the company says. A 16-ounce bottle retails for approximately $3.29.

Hunniwater LLC, Mill Creek, Wash.
Telephone: 4
Distribution: Select markets
Ingredients: Raw Honey and Cinnamon: Water, raw honey, organic ceylon cinnamon and organic lemon juice.