Dust Cutter lemonadesDust Cutter Beverage Co. released its first product line of all-natural, Western-style, premium lemonades. Available in Lemonade, Huckleberry Lemonade and Iced Tea Lemonade varieties, the drinks contain lemon juice as well as functional ingredients ginseng and B vitamins for overall health and long-lasting energy, the company says. A 12-pack of 16-ounce recloseable aluminum bottles retails for approximately $20.

Dust Cutter Beverage Co., Jackson Hole, Wyo.
Telephone: 307/699-1991
Internet: www.dustcutter.com
Distribution: Select markets
Ingredients: Lemonade: Filtered water, cane sugar, lemon juice from concentrate, citric acid, natural flavors, pectin, sodium citrate, panax ginseng, niacinamide, D-calcium pantothenate, pyridoxine hydrochloride and cyanocobalamin.