Los Angeles-based Activate Drinks, maker of nutrient-enhanced waters utilizing twist cap technology, kicked off its “Stop Vitamin Cruelty” summer advertising campaign, which highlights the company’s core message of vitamin efficacy. The campaign, which is designed like a public service announcement, rolls out with a 30-second digital spot exposing vitamin characters slowly deteriorating in water, adding a humorous element to Activate’s primary benefit of preserving nutrients in the cap. The video then launches into a dance party with electronic dance music playing and concludes with a full lineup of Activate bottles.

The campaign also features an app for Facebook as well as print and out-of-home (OOH) media including billboards, taxi toppers and bus displays in Los Angeles and New York. The social media extension of "Stop Vitamin Cruelty" begins with a Facebook app through which consumers can generate a personalized vitamin advocacy video snippet that features four friends dancing as vitamin characters at the end of the animation. Once the video is generated, users can write a personal message, share their animation with friends, and earn a coupon for a free bottle of Activate.

"The goal of ‘Stop Vitamin Cruelty’ is to create an engaging campaign that will educate consumers on our fresh vitamins proposition while forming a strong emotional connection with our brand," said Jesse Merrill, vice president of marketing at Activate Drinks, in a statement. "We want the world to know that some vitamins deteriorate in water and that Activate is the solution."

Creature vs. Culture is the creative agency behind the "Stop Vitamin Cruelty" campaign, which includes original characters, the animated spot, OOH across wild postings, wallscapes, digital ad units, urban panels and a Facebook app. Creature vs. Culture partnered with 1stAveMachine's Tomi Dieguez and his animation studio, Punga, for the design and animation and worked with Casserole Labs on the Facebook app.

For more information, visit www.activatedrinks.com.