Martin Bauer Inc., Secaucus, N.J., is one of more than 30 companies worldwide operating under the umbrella of the Martin Bauer Group, a leading global manufacturer and supplier of teas, botanicals and extracts for the food, beverage and dietary supplement industries. A family-owned company in its third generation, with more than 100 years of experience in the world of tea and botanicals, Martin Bauer Group is committed to a consistent quality philosophy based on sustainably grown raw materials and certified production methods. Its extensive portfolio includes herbal raw materials, leaf teas and extracts, which make it an ideal partner for beverage products. 

Leaf tea

Its longstanding partnerships in all major tea-growing regions have made it one of the largest tea importers in North America. It offers black, green and white teas from all tea-growing regions in a full range of leaf types and grades.

Tea extracts and tea essences

As a global leader in the production of tea extracts, Martin Bauer can provide customers with a wide range of quality-assured extracts, in liquid or dried form, produced in its state-of-the-art facilities.

Are you looking to enhance the aromatics of your ready-to-drink (RTD) tea? Customers can set themselves apart from the competition by delivering real tea top-notes in their RTD products with Martin Bauer’s new line of water-based tea essences. Made from premium-quality green and black tea leaves, these essences provide an additional boost of tea taste and aroma for a rounder, fuller, better-tasting tea. Black tea extracts are available in a range of brew colors, including a dark extract that is an ideal substitute for caramel color and a great way to make an ingredient line shorter and cleaner.

Its line of all-natural green and black tea extracts deliver authentic tea taste and bring a fuller-bodied tea flavor to both dry mixes and RTD teas. Looking to boost the caffeine content in your tea? Many of Martin Bauer’s tea extracts are standardized, including a green tea extract at 40 percent caffeine.

Botanical extracts

Martin Bauer’s portfolio of botanical extracts includes more than 150 products, from artichoke to valerian. Botanical extracts are versatile and all-natural and deliver a range of exciting tastes and opportunities for innovation. Green coffee extract, guaraná, yerba maté and cola nut are ideal for energy drinks and can provide a caffeine boost to juices and teas. Refreshing hibiscus and relaxing chamomile make for great caffeine-free and all-natural alternatives to more generic, artificially flavored fruit drinks. Learn more by visiting the company website and subscribing to Botanical Horizons, Martin Bauer’s new enewsletter dedicated to botanical ingredients.

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