Mae's health and wellness superberries


Mae’s Health and Wellness Superberries, created by a division of Omaha-Neb.-based Westin Foods, is available in lightweight bottles custom-designed by St. Louis-based TricorBraun. The packaging company decreased the bottle’s weight by 13 percent, from 41 to 36 grams, which in turn decreased distribution costs, according to TricorBraun. To avoid discarding packaging that had been stained by juice during filling, the bottle features decorations that are directly screened on the bottle. The new TricorBraun design features an embossed logo to enhance brand visibility, the design firm notes. In addition, the top of the bottle is rounded to resemble the shape of an aronia berry. The bottle’s slender profile and shape was designed to let consumers hold the bottle and open the flip-top closure with one hand.