Soccer spirit

This month, Brown-Forman brand El Jimador tequila launched a series of commemorative soccer bottles. As the official tequila sponsor of Major League Soccer, the United States Men’s and Women’s National teams, and the annual U.S. tour of the Mexican National Team, El Jimador aims to distribute the packaging once a year for a limited two-month period to kick off the soccer season in key markets nationwide, it says. The 750-ml. bottles feature soccer ball motifs blended with the brand’s signature graphic designs and highlight the logos of Mexican Soccer, U.S. Soccer and Major League Soccer. The packaging is available in Blanco, Reposado and Anejo varieties of El Jimador tequila.


Kona goes to cans

Kona Brewing Co., Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, announced plans to offer its Longboard Island Lager in 12-ounce cans by mid-March. All Kona markets will receive Longboard Island Lager in cans, including its newest markets of Pennsylvania, Delaware and southern New Jersey. The company made the switch for portability, specifically noting that cans will allow consumers to enjoy beer where glass bottles are prohibited, such as at the beach or the pool. The cans will launch at the Kona Brewers Festival in March and will be available year-round in six-packs of 12-ounce cans.


Name emphasis

Purity Organic Juices unveiled the new rebranded design of Purity Organic packaging last month at the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco. The new design uses the grid of fruit that has been featured on all labels of Purity Organic juices, but places a bigger spotlight on the name Purity Organic, the company says. It kept the same homegrown feel with the paintings of fruit and other beverage ingredients as well as additional aspects of the previous design, Purity Organic notes.


Lightweight and sustainable

South African wine brand Two Oceans has been repackaged in lightweight 350-gram bottles that are fully recyclable and decorated with biodegradable labels, inks and adhesives. The new screw-cap topped bottle is 110 grams lighter than the brand’s previous packaging, the company says. Starting with the 2010 vintage, each wine bottle features a Sustainability Seal of South Africa sticker that has an individual number where consumers can learn more about the brand’s commitment to production integrity online. The number links to an online tracking system that traces Two Oceans’ wine bottle contents from where the grapes were grown to how the wine was made and packaged.


Cocktail shaker

Conelly Cocktails rolled out its new Happy Hour Cocktail Set that contains an aluminum shaker and three cocktails. Conelly Cocktails made their U.S. debut in Florida after launching in Europe in 2008. The cocktails are packaged in twin aluminum cans that are joined together by a red ring that doubles as a can opener and shaker seal. The top can contains the alcohol and the bottom can holds the fruit juices. Ingredients are kept separated until opened and poured into the accompanying shaker with ice prior to consumption. The box set comes in three varieties: Mai Tai, which features rum and orange liqueur; Sex on the Beach, which includes vodka and peach liqueur; and Ladykiller, which combines gin, apricot brandy and orange liqueur.