Starbucks Blonde RoastFor the first time, Starbucks Coffee Co. is launching a light roast coffee: Starbucks Blonde Roast. The new roast will be available in Veranda Blend, Willow Blend and Decaffeinated Willow Blend varieties. Veranda Blend is a Latin American coffee that combines the flavors of cocoa and lightly toasted nuts, the company says. Willow Blend and Decaffeinated Willow Blend are Latin American and East African coffees that feature subtle citrus flavors, it adds. The entire Starbucks Blonde Roast line will be brewed in stores and available in whole bean, roast and ground options, as well as in Starbucks Via Ready Brew and K-Cup Portion Packs in January. One-pound whole-bean bags of Starbucks Blonde Roast coffees have the following suggested retail prices: $11.95 for the Veranda Blend, $12.95 for the Willow Blend and $13.95 for the Decaffeinated Willow Blend.

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