Phusion Projects’ Four Loko brand is launching an "Everything's Gone Four Loko" News 4 Station and website, which will serve as the platform for its new media campaign. The flavored malt beverage, together with creative agency of record Atlas Mind and website, has produced a series of videos to provide a fresh take on news and encourage fans to contribute their own voices to the news cycle.

The launch of News 4 kicks off with a video on called "The Big Bust," which introduces the "Everything's Gone Four Loko" mentality to fans using the website, Four Loko Facebook page and the brand’s website, Leading the News 4 news team are anchors Luke Bush and Candi Vasquez-Appleton, who will serve as central personalities and provide humor and fodder for fans.  

"We want to show everyone how the news of the world looks through the Four Loko lens," said Chris Hunter, one of the three co-founders of Phusion Projects, in a statement. "Our Four Loko Nation is already attuned to this unique perspective, and we're empowering them to share this with the world. To help spur their creative efforts, we've partnered with one of America's best pop culture outlets,”

News 4 will broadcast on its own schedule, covering stories that are important to Four Loko, when the brand feels it's important. It will provide age-restricted online outlets for viewers to upload their Four Loko recipes, Halloween costume construction tips and branded merchandise available for sale. There will be no 24/7 coverage by the anchors; rather they will empower Four Loko fans to fill in when appropriate with the content they deem worthy of News 4.