28Black and 28White

After launching acai-infused energy drinks 28Black and 28White in Germany in 2008, Calidris 28 AG has launched the products in the United States. 28Black and 28White are lightly carbonated, all-natural and do not include taurine, artificial flavors or preservatives. 28Black contains Q10, vitamins B6 and B12, guarana, and isomaltulose, a natural form of sugar that is found in honey and sugar cane, the company says. 28White is a zero-calorie, sugar-free, stevia-sweetened version of 28Black. The beverages are named for their ability to provide energy to consumers, adding four more hours to the day, the company says.

Calidris 28 US Inc., West Hollywood, Calif.
Telephone: 323/655-2804
Internet: www.28black.com
Distribution: Select markets