Brand equity

PepsiCo and 4sight Inc. have collaborated to design a new, distinctive PET bottle design for the Mountain Dew brand. Design elements of the new bottles feature the following: a distinctive silhouette to give the bottle a solid shelf presence; the Mountain Dew logo embedded in the bottle to suggest individuality of the bottle and the brand; and a newly styled grip area with the Mountain Dew logo popping out, the company says. The grips appear to be on the inside, but they actually are on the outside of the bottle allowing customers to confidently clutch the bottle for what the company describes as “grab-me” appeal that is further enhanced by the texture of the outside grips. The new bottles currently are being produced in the 20-ounce size only and feature the same amount of resin as the previous design, the company says. The label was made approximately half the size and is designed to enhance the bolder structure, it says.


Finnish design

Finlandia Vodka introduced a new bottle, dubbed “melting ice.” The new bottle captures the gentle ripples that form at the precise moment before ice moves from solid to liquid, which evokes the crystal clarity of Finlandia Vodka, the company says. The creators strived to maintain a strong connection to Finnish design, it adds. Along with the new look, the brand revived the facing reindeer on the logo. The original Finlandia logo depicted Finland’s reindeer locked together while the midnight sun glowed above. The bottle also features a redesigned label featuring a custom font that was created to bring the Finlandia brand name to the forefront, as well as ensure better visibility on shelves and behind the bar, it says. For Finlandia’s flavors, the label incorporates the color associated with the flavor into the text along with a fruit image for easy identification, the company says. The Finlandia design team also created a new display shipper case for both its classic and new flavors to be featured where Finlandia is sold. The shipper cases feature close-up images of the new package to emphasize the natural melting ice motif and incorporate the colors associated with the product it contains.


Label communication

Made Drinks Co. has redesigned its label to promote its dominant ingredient, green tea, and to be more easily understood, the company says. The label showcases a new logo and clearly communicates that Made is a green tea drink featuring organic fruit juices, the company says. Made’s new labels became available at the end of July.


Collectible packaging

Xyience Xenergy drink launched its second limited-edition collector can, Xenergy Premium CranRazz, which features Jon “Bones” Jones, current Ultimate Fighting Championship light heavyweight titleholder. The company says that Jones is well-known among its key consumers, men ages 18 to 34, which will be an advantage for the sales of Xenergy CranRazz. The company also added a statement on the back of the 16-ounce can advising consumers not to mix Xenergy with alcohol.


Collaborative design

Mako Brands LLC introduced Mako Vodka to the U.S. marketplace in select states. The product is packaged in flint Bordeaux-shaped bottles that are spray frosted and silk screened with a broad 360-degree navy-colored band overset with white graphics, which include the Mako shark logo and four classic nautical flags. To help create a package reflecting the beverage’s nautical theme and smooth taste, Mako contracted Saxco International, the company says. Saxco sourced and supplied a navy blue Stelcap with side shading and a Mako Shark logo design on top, augmented with an extended navy-colored skirt, which provides an enhanced look to the overall package design, it says. Additionally, Saxco provided white shipping cartons from International Paper with navy blue imprinting in six- and 12-pack configurations. Saxco also worked closely with BrandWest that designed the graphics and label for the bottles. The spray frosting and silk screening were completed by Hanes-Erie. The closure is provided by Amcor.


Custom manufactured

In anticipation of demand for its Snake River Stampede Whisky in a 1.75-liter bottle, Indio Spirits enlisted TricorBraun Design and Engineering to design a bottle with a resemblance to its existing 750-ml. bottle. Although the design of the new bottle was familiar, TricorBraun added an improved pinch handle. The new handle is located closer to the top of the bottle, which makes it easier to pour than other whisky bottles, TricorBraun says. The handle also has a narrow design. The new bottle, called the Aneas, is made with flint glass, features a bourbon neck and has a bar-top closure.