T&R Chemicals Inc.’s Resina 8/RE is a glycerol ester of rosin (distilled rosin) and is manufactured specially for use in oil-based citrus flavorings for beverages. The ester gum is derived from the pine resin. Because the pine resin is derived from one region, the resulting ester gum enjoys more consistency from batch to batch, the company says. Resina 8/RE increases the density of citrus oils which results in improved stability when they are dispersed in a finished beverage. In addition, Resina 8/RE imparts a desirable degree of cloudiness to the drink. Unlike other ester gums, the Resina 8/RE is countercurrent steam distilled, as prescribed by regulatory bodies. This has an important effect in preventing oxidation and, therefore, in the stability and shelf life of the finished product, the company says. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Health Canada and other regulatory agencies and scientific bodies worldwide have approved the Resina 8/RE ester gum as an emulsifier for citrus oil-flavored beverages.

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