Tazo Chai Tea

Tazo, a brand of Starbucks, added Zero Calorie Tazo Iced Chai to its lineup of no-calorie ready-to-drink teas. Chai tea is typically served as fresh-brewed tea or as a latte, but the Zero Calorie Tazo Iced Chai offers the naturally sweetened spicy black tea in a 13.8-ounce glass bottle. Similar to the family of Tazo ready-to-drink teas, the zero calorie iced teas are brewed with real tea leaves and botanicals at Tazo’s headquarters in Portland, Ore. Zero Calorie Tazo Iced Chai contains freshly brewed black tea, cinnamon, ginger, star anise and cardamom and is naturally sweetened with a derivative of the stevia plant. The tea is available for $1.39 to $1.79 a bottle at grocery outlets.

Tazo, Portland, Ore.

Telephone: 866/839-7163

Internet: www.tazo.com

Distribution: National

Ingredients: An infusion of (water, organically grown black teas, organically grown ginger, organically grown cinnamon, organically grown black pepper, organically grown cardamom, organically grown cloves and organically grown star anise), contains 2 percent or less of: erythritol, natural flavor, citric acid and Reb A.