Tennant Co. Offers Floor Coating, Cleaning Advancements

Tennant Co. introduced a number of floor coatings and cleaning technologies that support the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability as well as the beverage industry’s need for high-performing, environmentally sound floor solutions. The Tennant Eco-ProTekt line of floor coatings, which are part of the company’s Eco-Advantage coatings system, are seamless and resistant to chemicals and thermal extremes, which makes them ideal for food and beverage processing facilities. The newest addition to Tennant’s Eco-ProTekt line of coatings, Eco-CWO, is specifically designed to reduce odors and foodborne illnesses caused by bacterial growth.
The company also produces machines for maintenance of its floor coatings. Tennant Co.’s FaST, which stands for Foam-activated Scrubbing Technology, is available on a number of cleaning machines, including the Tennant 5700 Walk-Behind Automatic Scrubber and the T15 Battery-Powered Industrial Scrubber. The solution uses less water and chemicals to leave floors immediately safe and dry. FaST is NSF-certified and has been certified as “high-traction” by the NFSI.
— Tennant Co., 701 North Lilac Drive, Minneapolis, Minn. 55440; 800/553-8033; www.tennantco.com