Tennant Co.’s Mission to Create Cleaner, Safer World

For more than 135 Years, Tennant Co., Minneapolis, has been dedicated to designing, manufacturing and marketing solutions in non-residential floor care. Most recently, the company has focused on environmental support and sustainability by developing products that consume and dispose of fewer natural resources and chemicals. As part of its vision of creating a cleaner, safer world, the company established five environmental standards that are: conservation of natural resources, decreases in detergent waste, increases in safety qualities, minimal impact to air quality and reduction of noise.
Recently, Tennant Co. introduced the Tennant T5 and Nobles Speed Scrub automatic scrubbers with FaST in addition to the Tennant R14 and Nobles Strive Rider dual-technology carpet cleaners with ReadySpace. Both FaST and ReadySpace technologies are recognized throughout the commercial cleaning industry for meeting the company’s environmental standards. In addition, Tennant Co.’s cleaning solution accomplishments include:
• Internal combustion rider machines dropped emissions by more than 90 percent since 2000.
• FaST foam scrubbing technology uses 70 percent less water and 90 percent less detergent.
• FaST-PAK packaging eliminates chemical handling.
• ReadySpace engineering uses less water, yet allows more frequent cleaning of carpeted area for lower potential of allergens and mold.
• EcoAdvantage coatings are the safest, most VOC-compliant with less solvent used,
evaporation and potential contamination.
• Commercial vacuums operate at OSHA- recommended 67 dBA.
• 17 machines that support Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification.
The company markets coatings for protecting, repairing and upgrading concrete floors in addition to equipment for maintaining surface in industrial, commercial and outdoor environments under the Tennant and Nobles brands. Headquartered in Minneapolis, the company has manufacturing operations in Holland, Mich., the Netherlands, United Kingdom and China. — Tennant Co., 701 North Lilac Drive, P.O. Box 1452; Minneapolis, Minn. 55440; 800/553-8033; www.tennantco.com.