Software Solutions for Logistics Needs

Edgy technology for growing business

Distribution sales and marketing software providers for the beverage industry continue to improve technology for the demands of the industry. For efficient and cost-effective systems that manage everything from growing SKUs to warehouse challenges, new retail/supplier requirements and government mandates, companies are turning to software experts for their logistics needs.
Beverage Industry assembled a collection of what leaders in distribution sales and marketing software are offering to wholesalers, bottlers and distributors. The solutions reduce costs and lag time, improve sales and delivery efficiencies, and are available for beverage companies across all categories and business sizes. The following information provides an overview of technology for every need and user.
MicroAnalytics Inc.
2200 Clarendon Blvd.
Suite 1002
Arlington, Va. 22201

offers TruckStops Vehicle Routing software and OptiSite Distribution planning software, which are both beneficial to the beverage industry. TruckStops provides companies that operate a fleet of trucks with the most efficient, cost-saving routes. TruckStops features include: handling static or dynamic routes, linking with Microsoft MapPoint and PC*MILER, offering turn-by-turn directions and exporting optimized vehicle routes to GPS.
OptiSite distribution center planning software is a full-featured distribution planning and site location model designed to help companies analyze and manage distribution resources more effectively. OptiSite for Windows can suggest the optimum number and location of distribution centers, as well as the best use of current facilities. The software will help companies decide which suppliers to use, where to stock products, how much to stock and what distribution centers will provide the best service, at the least cost, to each market area.
Intervolve Inc.
319 W. Martin St.
Raleigh, N.C. 27601

olve provides mobile and Web solutions for beverage warehouse, delivery and retail execution. Intervolve solutions expand beyond traditional route accounting and sales order entry to include market intelligence. Its DistributionSuite is a broad set of applications that provides real-time market data to help distributors plan, execute, measure and adjust to dynamic market conditions and gain competitive advantage. DistributionSuite enables distributors to create, access and track account, brand and package-level sales quotas; automate sales processes (e.g., call frequency, team-sell, ride-with and point sheets); identify and analyze account and market trends; measure sales team effectiveness; analyze effectiveness and control merchandising investments; and streamline data collection.
Also from Intervolve, Route Accounting System (RAS) integrates sales order management, inventory management, financial accounting, reconciliations and route maintenance into a single, real-time, enterprise-wide application to reduce operating costs. RAS provides real-time inventory management across all locations; analytics to retailers; and real-time inventory management between suppliers, warehouses, trucks, salespeople and accounts.
Other recent innovations from Intervolve include:
DistributionSuite Sales Quota Management System delivers Web and mobile sales quota forecasting capabilities to provide beverage wholesalers with new ways to view the market, improve execution at retail and increase revenues.
DistributionSuite Sales Analysis software delivers new market intelligence and performance analytics. This release enables beverage distribution teams across the company to gain new market views and insights into sales performance to quickly adjust activities and impact retail execution.
Route Accounting System enhancements provide fully integrated inventory picking, allocation, pallet optimization and loading capabilities. The new software enables beverage distributors to significantly streamline warehouse and delivery processes, tailor picking processes to retailer and routing needs.
UPS Logistics Technologies
849 Fairmount Ave.,
Suite 400
Towson, Md. 21286

UPS Logistics Technologies
is a provider of transportation management software, offering a variety of tactical and strategic solutions. Whether implemented individually or as an integrated suite, UPS Logistics’ software modules provide a resource that can increase profitability for distributors.
Among the products that UPS Logistics Technologies offers are:
Roadnet, a daily routing tool that allows for a balance between delivery profitability and customer service through routing efficiency.
MobileCast, an enterprise-wide pickup and delivery management solution, which uses a dispatch and tracking software application, wireless networks and support for multiple mobile devices to provide real-time route visibility for increased operational efficiencies.
Territory Planner, a tool that creates well-defined territories and routes. Historical data, including delivery days, open/close times, preferred delivery times, volume and geographic location is used to create optimized and balanced territories, routes and stop sequences.
FleetLoader, a process that analyzes and optimizes beverage SKUs for loading of both bay or bulk vehicles. Multiple loading strategies can be employed to meet the needs of all delivery types and warehouse requirements. As a result of implementing FleetLoader, customers experience decreased loading time, while loading more and using less manpower.
Trimble Mobile Solutions
3650 Concorde Parkway
Suite 150
Chantilly, Va. 20151

The Trimble Mobile Solutions suite for consumer packaged goods companies combines handheld applications for DSD, retail execution and equipment service management with in-vehicle fleet management solutions such as GPS tracking, DOT and fuel tax reporting.
Trimble Mobile Solutions’ RoutePower is a flexible route accounting solution that is easy to implement and integrates into existing technology infrastructures. It is a handheld application that supports route sales, presales and delivery functions for DSD personnel.
RoutePower helps streamline DSD processes to ensure the right mix of products are placed in the right stores, in the right quantities, at the right time, and that they are appropriately merchandized to maximize sales. It provides simple checklists and step-by-step menus for store visits, and includes automatic signature capture capabilities to create invoices and job tickets to expedite payment and ordering.
Additionally, the Trimble Mobile Solutions Equipment Service Management (ESM) application is an automated solution to install, remove and repair vending or fountain dispensing equipment. The Trimble ESM solution is based on Trimble’s flexible and configurable mobile application framework, which:
Manages work schedules to ensure assigned technical tasks are completed on time and enables faster response time to emergency service calls.
Tracks and reports time and mileage for more accurate details about technician activities, which can reduce field service overtime costs.
Tracks parts usage and assets in the field.
Improves service time.
Provides maintenance history to diagnose recurring problems.
Allows for custom or ad hoc surveys to capture data.
Uses wireless GPRS technology for improved communication for work assignments, messages and activity status and completion reports; as well as provides two-way messaging.
Satellite Logistics Group
12621 Featherwood Drive
Suite 390
Houston, Texas 77034

Satellite Logistics Group
(SLG) specializes in a host of technology-based logistics solutions for the beverage industry, and specifically developed the empty keg return process for international brewers through its Kegspediter System. The system is a custom-technology platform that has saved breweries millions of dollars by shortening their keg return cycle.
SLG also developed the Online Visibility tool, which uses the Internet to provide secure, real-time supply chain visibility for clients. The Online Visibility tool allows customers to find product wherever it is in the supply chain. It gives customers an aerial view (that can zoom) between several operating and management systems (Transportation Management, Warehouse Management, Financial Management and International Documentation Systems).
HighJump Software, a 3M Co.
6455 City West Parkway
Eden Prairie, Minn. 55344

HighJump Software provides the power to navigate the challenges of proliferating SKUs, new retail/supplier requirements and government mandates with route accounting systems and solutions for warehouse management and mobile sales/delivery. HighJump DDE (distribution and delivery engine) combines advanced truck loading and picking capabilities to help companies keep track of work performed in the warehouse with detailed visibility into picking and loading activities by truck, route or employee. HighJump Warehouse Advantage offers advanced warehouse management functionality to handle complex distribution environments. The system ensures fast, accurate fulfillment through directed, optimized workflow, using advanced wireless and bar code technologies.
Designed for the Microsoft Windows mobile platform, HighJump Mobile Sales Advantage can improve the efficiency of a company’s sales team. This presale application identifies sales opportunities, increases shelf space and boosts productivity with electronic information to efficiently complete orders and secure new deals.
Also available, HighJump VirtualCooler, created for full-screen mobile devices, is an advanced presale application that improves the efficiency of sales managers and executives managing major chains or stores. HighJump VirtualCooler gives a team integrated sales presentations, store-level sales program definition and management, sophisticated ordering capabilities and multi-location inventory access.
Salient Corp.
203 Colonial Drive
Horseheads, N.Y. 14845

Salient Corp.
provides fact-based performance management solutions for DSD consumer products manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. Salient’s Margin Minder is a “point-and-click” trade management solution that eliminates guesswork and waste in trade spending decisions. It enables non-technical sales professionals to see precisely what, where and who delivers the greatest profit and growth in return for investments in trade promotions and other sales initiatives. Then it can use this knowledge to adjust business levels, such as product mix, price, duration, frequency and support levels.
Margin Minder runs on Salient’s UXT Meta Warehouse, a technology platform for organizing, integrating and tracking activities such as sales, supply chain (purchasing, inventory and distribution), vending, maintenance and repair operations, HR, financials and more.
Also sold under the brand name Margin Minder Max, UXT gives managers the capability to track the “dead net” value of individual customers and assets. It draws transactional and causal data from multiple sources, including legacy processing systems, data warehouses, ERP, financials, syndicates and the Web, and automatically computes the actual value contribution created by transactions, such as net profit, loss and productivity (growth, profit per location, SKU, unit of capacity, headcount, hour, etc.). Margin Minder Max provides bottom-up transparency within and across business processes.