Creator’s Briefs

Banana ingredients
Confoco offers a variety of banana ingredients from purees to essences that can be used in beverages. The company features Acidified Aseptic Banana Puree and Non-acidified Aseptic Banana Puree, made with fruit from Ecuador. The purees have the flavor, aroma and color of ripe banana, and can be used in fruit preparations, nectars, juices, baked goods, yogurt and frozen desserts. Confoco’s Organic Banana Puree is certified by BCS Oko-Garantie GmbH.
Banana Essence, available in 500-fold and 1,000-fold varieties, can be used in water-based aroma systems to impart a banana flavor, especially in refrigerated beverages and frozen dairy products. They also can be used to enhance purees and other ingredients. All of the banana products are kosher and non-GMO compliant. — Confoco 1139 East Jersey St., Suite 415, Elizabeth, N.J. 07201; 908/659-0566;
Taste of Brazil
Robertet Flavors has introduced the Taste of Brazil, a line of Brazilian fruit flavors for beverages, ice cream, syrups and yogurt applications. Flavors include Açaí, Acerola, Cherimoya, Coconut, Feijoa, Guanabana, Guarana, Guava, Mango, Papaya, Passionfruit, Pineapple and Starfruit. — Robertet Flavors Inc., 10 Colonial Drive, Piscataway, N.J. 08854; 732/981-8300;
Sports drink ingredients
Stepan Co. Food & Health Specialties features NEOBEE Medium Chain Triglycerides for sports nutrition bars and beverages. NEOBEE MCTs are metabolized by the body in one-eighth the time of typical longer chain fats to provide a more readily available source of energy. They contain no trans-fatty acids and impart a creamy mouthfeel and neutral flavor to products. They also are effective as stabilizers for flavors, colors and vitamins. — Stepan Co. Food & Health Specialties, 100 West Hunter Ave., Maywood, N.J. 07607; 201/712-7642;
Omega-3 fatty acids
National Starch Food Innovation has introduced encapsulated long-chain omega-3 fatty acid in powder form to extend the range of applications for the heart-healthy ingredient. Novamega is made from Omega Protein’s Omega-Pure, a natural marine source of omega-3s that is GRAS certified as a food ingredient. According to the company, Novamega imparts no negative flavor or aroma to finished products. — National Starch Food Innovation, 10 Finderne Ave., Bridgewater, N.J. 08807; 908/685-5395;
Bulking up
TIC Gums offers TIC Pretested Inulin LV-110 to “solve the bulk problem” and help food and beverage manufacturers create high-fiber products with an appealing thickness, mouthfeel and nutrition profile. The ingredient’s low viscosity characteristics make it versatile for a wide range of applications, and in addition to fiber benefits, it can be used to aid the body’s retention of calcium. TIC’s Pretested Inulin LV-110 is cold-water soluble and is deemed GRAS for food use. — TIC Gums, 4609 Richlynn Drive, P.O. Box 369, Belcamp, Md. 21017; 410/273-7300;
Heart healthy ingredient
Cargill features CoroWise Naturally Sourced Cholesterol Reducer brand of plant sterols, which it says may help lower LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. The ingredient has been used in Minute Maid Premium Heart Wise orange juice, Yoplait Healthy Heart Yogurt and Rice Dream Heartwise rice drink. The overall effect observed in clinical studies regarding plant sterols has been a decline of 8 to 15 percent in LDL cholesterol, and the FDA says daily consumption of 0.8 grams per day may reduce the risk of heart disease. — Cargill Health & Food Technologies, 15407 McGinty Road W., Wayzata, Minn. 55391; 866/456-8872;
Brain food
Degussa Food Ingredients has introduced LECI-PS soybean lecithin-based nutritional supplement to improve cognitive function in a non-GMO version in concentrations from 20 to 90 percent PS. In addition to a water-dispersible powdered form that can be used for instant drinks and dairy beverages, the non-GMO version will be available as a softgel capsule. Documentation of compliance with non-GMO labeling guidelines is available. — Degussa Food Ingredients, Lise-Meitner-Str. 34, Freising, Germany, 85354; 49 8161548 0;