Patriotic Packaging Builds on National Pride

Issues ranging from security to brand identity all weigh into the decision to go with a “Made in the U.S.A.” supplier. Philadelphia-based Crown Beverage Packaging USA, a subsidiary of Crown Holdings Inc., supplies some of the largest beverage manufacturers in the world with everything from metal and plastic closures to beverage cans. Bob Truit, president of the company, shares his perspective on being the only beverage crown manufacturer in the United States.
Can you give some examples of how safety is enhanced?
We really come at the safety and security issue from two angles. One is in our process, which involves a set of protocols to maximize the safety and integrity of our products during manufacture and shipment, and the other is in our people, many of whom have been with us for several decades. Both depend on us being located here in the United States.
How can beverage producers capitalize on domestic packaging in a marketing capacity?
Consumers have an emotional attachment to many beverage brands that appeals to patriotism. If a producer can say their entire processing and packaging is created in America, it contributes to brand image.
How do you continue to operate profitably and still compete on price?
We offer some significant competitive advantages to customers. We also run a pretty tight ship here and we’ve made some significant technological investments allowing us to create our product at a competitive price. For instance, new tooling allows us to create a consistent opening torque on twist-off crowns. We’ve also developed a crown with an oxygen scavenger to enhance taste and shelf life in bottled beer, wine and spirits.
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