Tradewinds Tea

Sleek, slim lookDiet Pepsi launched its Diet Pepsi Skinny Can to consumers nationwide in March. The taller, slimmer can debuted at New York’s Fall 2011 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in February. The slim can’s Fashion Week launch highlighted the stylish aspect of the new packaging, which was released in celebration of beautiful, confident women, the company says.

Distinct elements
Heineken launched a new can that features an upscale look and tactile feel. Heineken’s new can design incorporates four distinct elements: Heineken’s racetrack label is prominently featured on the front of the can while on the back, the contemporary vertical logo stands out; the new aluminum can offers a more sophisticated appearance; the curve of the can gives the package a more dynamic look; and raised ink printing technology adds texture to the can and creates the visual impression of condensation on the outside, the company says. The can is available in 12- and 16-ounce sizes and will be available in a 24-ounce size this summer. In addition, a new three-by-four suitcase format replaces the two-by-six fridge pack that is easier to stack and display at retail, the company says.

Inspirational cups
Caribou Coffee unveiled coffee cups featuring the winning phrases of a consumer-generated contest to find out what its customers “Stay awake for.” The company’s “Make the Cup” contest launched in August 2010 and invited customers to submit phrases and images of what inspires them with the chance of having their winning phrase featured on millions of Caribou Coffee cups around the country. Phrases featured on cups include: “Driving with the top down,” “Finding a cure for breast cancer” and “Bicycling down country roads with friends.” Winning phrases will be featured on Caribou Coffee cups until October.

Tropical feel
Tradewinds Tea introduced a fresh look for its bottled tea. The new look conveys thoughts of relaxation and refreshment derived from the experience had while drinking its quality tea, the company says. The Sweet Tea variety features a tropical backdrop that includes a sunset and sailboat accompanied by palm trees and an island in the distance. Tradewinds’ new look is first available in 20-ounce and 1-gallon bottles and new 23-ounce cans.

Cans with heart
In conjunction with The Heart Truth campaign, Diet Coke once again released limited-edition cans and bottles in recognition of American Heart Month in February. The packages feature a stylized stick figure waving a heart flag in support of The Heart Truth, a campaign dedicated to raising funds and awareness for women’s heart health education and research. In addition to the limited-edition cans and bottles, more than 6 billion packages of Diet Coke will carry The Heart Truth logo to raise awareness of women’s heart health year-round, the company says.

Biodegradable bottles
Redleaf Water, Chilliwack, British Columbia, offers its premium bottled water in a biodegradable and recyclable water bottle. Redleaf’s Bio Bottles produced by Arizona-based ENSO Plastics, will biodegrade naturally in aerobic and anaerobic (landfill) conditions and are No. 1 PET, which allows the bottles to be recycled without requiring any special handling, the company says. Although the bottle is designed to be placed into the existing recycle streams, if placed into a landfill or other natural environments, depending on the natural microbial activity, the bottles will disappear within one to 15 years, Readleaf Water says.

Craft variety pack
The SanTan Brewing Co., Chandler, Ariz., released four of its craft beers — Hopshock IPA, HefeWeizen Wheat, Devil’s Ale and Epicenter Amber Ale — in a new variety 12-pack of cans. The new SanTan mixed 12-packs initially will be available year-round at select retail locations in Arizona.

Smaller offering
Bota Box announced the extension of its environmentally sensitive packaging portfolio with the launch of Bota 500-ml. wines nationwide with four of its varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay. The wines are packaged in Tetra Pak cartons, which are tailored to the active, modern lifestyle, the company says. The packaging uses fewer fuel emissions due to lighter shipping weight and are produced primarily from paper, the company says.

Showcasing ingredients
Numi Organic Tea unveiled its new packaging that showcases the ingredients used throughout the product line. Numi’s new packaging aims to educate existing and new tea drinkers about the quality and ingredients in its teas, the company says. The new packaging will continue to use natural, biodegradable filter-paper tea bags and recyclable boxes, which are made of 85 percent post-consumer waste and printed with soy-based inks. An Eco-Audit that reflects the waste reduced due to the company’s eco-responsibility effort is featured on the bottom panel of the box, the company says. Teas are available in boxes of 16 to 18 teabags for $6.99 to $9.99, as well as loose leaf tea canisters for $8.99 to $14.99.

Retro look
Jam Jar Sweet Shiraz unveiled a new look. The retro-inspired red and white pattern replaced the original checkered gingham on the screwcap capsule and carton. Shapes incorporated in the pattern include diamond-shapes inside a larger circle with some diamond-shapes featuring a smaller circular shape inside the diamond. The design launched on the 2010 vintage bottles and is available nationwide. In addition, refinements were made to the text of the logo and the label, the company says.