Nitrogen separator
Vacuum Barrier Systems introduced Sensor Controlled Phase Separator, a new liquid nitrogen that complements its line of liquid nitrogen phase separators. The separator is vacuum jacketed and constructed of austenitic stainless steel. The system also is equipped with a pneumatic control valve and liquid level control box, and is available with a sealed or dynamic vacuum, the company says. The Sensor Controlled Separator will become a part of the family of phase separators, which include Single Outlet and Modulating Valve, previously known as the Multiple Outlet. - Vacuum Barrier Systems, 4 Barten Lane, Woburn, Mass. 01801; 781/933-3570;
Right-angle transfer system
FKI Logistex released the Logistex RT200 Right-Angle Transfer System, a modular, expandable package that is part of the new Logistex Case Conveyor Solutions. The system features interchangeable round and flat bands as well as setup flexibility and maximum transferring throughput. RT200 Right-Angle Transfer is ideal for high-speed transfer on-the-fly and stop-and-transfer configurations, and carries a patent-pending band cartridge system. The package does not require fasteners for band removal or assembly, which limits downtime by enabling maintenance personnel to change bands for replacement or repair, the company says. Other features include an electric or pneumatic lift option and an expandable controls platform with a built-in variable frequency drive. - FKI Logistex, 9301 Olive Blvd., St. Louis, Mo. 63132; 314/993-4700;
Network switches
Emerson Process Management unveiled a line of smart network switches designed to plug and play within a DeltaV digital system network. The switches are pre-configured to work within the DeltaV network, which requires no setup of the switching functions by the user. A security feature also is included to help prevent unauthorized network connections to the switch. The smart network switches use patent-pending Emerson “one-click lockdown” software for the security functions. DeltaV switches provide megabit and gigabit speeds over wired and fiber communications, and are available from 8-port DIN rail-mounted switches to a modular 24-port rack-mount switch. - Emerson Process Management, 12301 Research Blvd., Building 3, Austin, Texas 78759; 512/418-7536;
Bulk depalletizer
A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp. released the Model 108 bulk depalletizer. Model 108 can run a range of plastic and glass bottles and metal containers interchangeably with no optional change parts required. Changeover is completed by entering new product and pallet parameters on the touchscreen panel at the operator console, the company says. The equipment can handle pallet loads up to 110 inches high. Model 108 also can be configured to unload containers at low, medium or high levels. In addition, optional features allow each packager to choose the level of automation, including empty pallet stacker, picture frame and slipsheet remover, full pallet conveyor and container single filer. - A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp., 811 Live Oak St., Tarpon Springs, Fla. 34689; 800/237-5975;
Laboratory software
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. launched Lab Forms 2.5, a suite of the new GC/MS software aimed at specific laboratory applications. Lab Forms 2.5 is designed for users in environmental, clinical research/forensic toxicology, food safety and general QA/QC laboratories. The software incorporates Method Forge, which provides an automated pathway to generate full-scan methods. Wizards and templates ensure the programming of daily batches is straightforward, the company says. Lab Forms 2.5 software packages, which include QuanLab Forms, EnviroLab Forms and ToxLab Forms, are designed to complement a full range of Thermo Scientific GC/MS instrumentation. - Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., 4401 Freidrich Lane, Suite 100, Austin, Texas 78744; 512/445-5100;
Electric series
Hyster Co. showcased its latest lift truck technologies at ProMat 2009. The E45-70XN, the company’s newest line of electric trucks, are a series of operator-friendly AC-powered lift trucks. The compartment has a relocated dash display for enhanced visibility and pallet control, and the redesigned hood provides maximum battery service access to reduce downtime, the company says. The lift capacity of the trucks is 4,500 to 7,000 pounds. A new Traction Motor features speed sensors to provide speed monitoring throughout the entire motor operating temperature range. The entire line also has been subjected to environmental and electrical testing. - Hyster Co., Box 7006, Greenville, N.C. 27835; 800/497-8371;
Process Control
Daelim Industrial Co. selected the Pavilion Technologies Polymer Solution from Rockwell Automation for advanced process control on three production lines at its facility in Yeosu, Korea. The Pavilion Polymer Solution is based on the Pavilion8 integrated software suite that provides modeling, prediction, control and optimization capabilities in one platform. It also provides companies with real-time and predicted measurements for process variables to help reduce dependency on lab samples. - Rockwell Automation Response Center, 10701 Hampshire Avenue South, Bloomington, Minn. 55438; 800/223-5354;
Test for carbon dioxide
Core Enterprises Inc. introduced the eL-720 for servicing carbon dioxide refrigeration systems, beverage delivery systems and any general purpose leak detection application where compressed carbon dioxide can be used as a test gas. The eL-720 also can be used in applications such as wineries, breweries, bulk CO2 manufacturing and distribution. The equipment is ergonomically designed and it fits in the operator’s hand, the company says. In addition, it can operate for 20 hours on four standard AA alkaline batteries, and its long-life sensor will detect concentrations of carbon dioxide gas as low as 400 parts per million. - Core Enterprises Inc., 3650 Coral Ridge Drive, Suite 101, Coral Springs, Fla. 33065; 954/227-0781;
Hybrid lift truck
Toyota Material Handling U.S.A. Inc. released its hybrid concept lift truck to North America at ProMat 2009. The truck uses similar Toyota hybrid technology as the Toyota Prius. Toyota hybrid concept lift truck combines electric and internal combustion technology, taking advantage of each power source. In addition, the truck combines an IC engine, electric generator and battery in a design that allows the engine to operate with optimum fuel and emissions efficiency. The lift truck automatically shifts between battery and engine mode, simultaneously recharging the battery during operation. - Toyota Material Handling U.S.A., Inc., 1 Park Plaza, Irvine, Calif. 92623; 800/226-0009;
Tow vehicle
Wesley International introduced its 8,000 pound tow vehicle at ProMat 2009 in January. The new vehicle increases the towing capacity of Wesley’s Power Mule product line from 5,000 pounds to 8,000 pounds. The company also offers engineered-to-order industrial trailers. The trailers are custom fabricated according to the customer’s specifications. In addition, the trailers are steel constructed and equipped with diamond plate steel decks, solid black rubber wheels mounted on aluminum cast and a spring-loaded pin hook. - Wesley International, 3680 Chestnut St., Scottdale, Ga. 30079; 866/589-9867;