The Institute of Food Technologists held its annual convention and trade show in New Orleans June 28-July 1, and if ingredient trends are predictors of future beverage trends, beauty products, superfruits and digestive health beverages are on the horizon.
DSM Nutritional Products, Parsippany, N.J., used the show to launch ”Beauty from Within” ingredient solutions for healthy skin. The portfolio of ingredients includes carotenoids in the form of beta-carotene, Redivivo lycopene, Optisharp zeaxanthin and FloraGlo lutein, as well as vitamins A, C, D and E, B vitamins; polyphenols such as Teavigo EGCG, Resvida resveratrol, Hidrox olive polyphenols, Bonistein and genistein; Ropufa omega 3 and omega 6 ingredients; and All-Q coenzyme Q10. The ingredients are intended to nourish the skin from the inside, and several have been studied for their ability to protect the skin from UV light and oxidative stress.
Fortitech, Schenectady, N.Y., focused on mood-enhancement, cosmeceuticals and heart health, with premix examples such as good-mood/stress-reducing chocolate bars and cosmeceutical beverages. Fortitech incorporated GABA, magnesium, l-theanine, l-tryptophan and ashwaganda extract in its mood-enhancing chocolate bars. Its beverage is designed to promote better overall wellness as well as a better appearance, included collagen, coenzyme Q10 and lutein. L-carnitine, l-arginine, zinc, fiber, copper and selenium made their way into bars formulated for heart health and diabetes prevention.
Nutragenesis discussed its Sensara skin-enhancing cosmeceutical ingredient made from a blend of two GRAS-affirmed standardized herbal extracts. The ingredient is water-extracted without solvents, is heat-stable and water-soluble, vegetarian and kosher. Sensara is thought to help with skin aging by preserving collagen protein, inhibiting oxidative stress, slowing pro-oxidative cellular damage and stimulating non-collagenic proteins. In addition, it is said to promote emotional well-being and a calm, relaxed state of mind.
Cargill displayed beverage prototypes such as a Heart Healthy Juice Beverage with Barliv barley betafiber as a source of soluble fiber, and Milk with CoroWise Plant Sterols. Chipotle Chocolate-Flavored Milk used bold flavors to target older consumers with a diminishing sense of taste, as well as Cargill’s Chana Lightly Alkalized Cocoa. In addition, the company featured Peach-Cinnamon-Flavored White Tea, with 4 grams of protein per serving in the form of BT100, as well as Zerose erythritol for fewer calories, and Aubygel ABN 4000 carageenan from Cargill Texturizing Solutions. The hydrocolloid was used to stabilize the cocoa and provide a homogeneous texture. For digestive health, the Ginger-Apricot-Flavored Smoothie with Probiotics contained Oliggo-Fiber inulin and Viable Bif-6 Probiotic Culture, also from the texturizing solutions group.
The ADM/Matsutani team demonstrated applications for Fibersol-2 soluble dietary fiber. The product is flavorless and odorless and can be used in beverages such as sports drinks and fortified waters. At the show, the companies featured the ingredient in Welch’s 100% Grape Juice with Fiber, which contains 10 percent of the daily value of fiber. The product is considered natural, is prebiotic and kosher.
Nearby, ADM showcased Organic Whole Soybean Powder and CardioAid Plant Sterol Esters in Vanilla Chai Soymilk, as well as DeZaan Huysmart Cocoa processed with Alkali in chocolate milk.
National Starch Food Innovation introduced Q-Naturale, an emulsifier for sparkling beverages, fortified waters and juices. The ingredient is organic and made from quillaja, which is grown in Chile using sustainable farming practices, and made available through a partnership with Desert King International.
In addition to offering “clean labeling,” the product hydrates and disperses quickly, can be used at low levels and provides long-term cold temperature and pH stability.
“We think this next-generation emulsifier has the potential to free markets from price and supply-chain pressures related to gum Arabic,” the company’s Ilya Zhivkovich, said in a statement.
At its IFT booth, Symrise discussed the integration of the newly acquired seasonings and flavor business from Chr. Hansen. The company says the purchase makes it the No. 4 flavor supplier in the United States, and it expects full integration of the business by the fourth quarter of this year. On the beverage side, the company highlighted its citrus flavor capabilities, which result from the Global Citrus Center in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It also showcased SymLife Cream, its solution for creating a rich, creamy mouthfeel in dairy products.
Vegetable Juices Inc., Bedford Park, Ill., unveiled its new non- thermal processing technology that allows it to retain flavor, nutrition and top notes in juice concentrates. Non-traditional ingredients such as cucumbers and cantaloupe can be incorporated into beverages, thanks to the new technology. The company sampled products, including Orange Passion and Strawberry Mango juices, which incorporated pumpkin, beet, sweet potato, carrot and butternut squash for vegetable as well as fruit nutrition.
David Michael & Co., Philadelphia, served up Double Bourbon and Cola flavored ice swirled with vanilla ice cream, showing off its Natural Cola Flavor WONF, Natural & Artificial Bourbon Flavor (part of its Adults Only flavor line) as well as its Fair Trade Two Fold Vanilla Extract. In addition, David Michael demonstrated its partnership with First Flavor, which uses its flavors on Peel ‘n Taste flavor strips. The technology has been used in consumer advertising to showcase product flavors. Flavor strips on display at IFT featured Skyy Vodka’s new Passion Fruit Infusions flavor.
Virginia Dare, Brooklyn, N.Y., offered superfruit flavors at its IFT booth, including Pomelo, Nectarine, Yumberry and Jostaberry flavors. Pomelo is a citrus fruit native to Southeast Asia, Yumberry is a Chinese strawberry, and Jostaberry is a botanical hybrid of gooseberries and black currants. Virginia Dare featured the flavors in Flavored Nutrient Enhanced Water formulations. The company also showed its tea extracts and concentrates and its vanilla extracts, flavors, concentrates, oleoresins and powders.
Bioenergy Life Science Inc., Ham Lake, Minn., showcased its D-ribose ingredient designed to produce energy by stimulating adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Ribose is a naturally occurring monosccharide made by the body, but exercise and lack of oxygen can slow its production. Supplementation with D-Ribose can help restore energy and prevent soreness after exercising, the company says. The ingredient can be beneficial to sports performance and heart health, and has been incorporated into beverage products such as SoBe Life Water, Vitaminwater Endurance and Snapple Antioxidant Water.
Tate & Lyle featured both its Splenda brand sucralose and its Promitor soluble corn fiber in blueberry and cherry flavored fruit shots. The shots contained 5 grams of fiber per 2-ounce serving and were sweetened with Splenda. The company also created powdered drink stick packs with 3 grams of fiber using Promitor Soluble Corn Fiber 60A as well as Splenda. In addition, the company taste tested sweetener blends that put Splenda and high fructose corn syrup blends up against straight HFCS to show its ability to match sweetness profile without impacting overall sensory perception.
The Wright Group offered a Green Tea with Energy Boost that incorporated SuperBlend custom premix ingredients, and Probiotic Soy Beverage with SuperCoat Omega-3s. SuperBlend premixes address the needs of clear beverages such as oil ringing, cloudiness and insolubility. Ingredients that can be included in the premixes include grape seed extract; vitamins; taurine; gingko biloba; guarana; glucurolactone; arginine; caffeine; inositol; inulin and guar gum. SuperCoat Omega-3s are available in a 4-to-1 DHA/EPA powder, a 2-to-1 EPA/DHA powder, a 2-to-1 DHA/EPA powder and a microencapsulated powder.
D.D. Williamson, Louisville, Ky., showed off two new colors at IFT, including a new purple sweet potato addition to its line of natural colorants. The color can carry a “vegetable juice color” or “colored with vegetable juice” label, and provides a red hue in acidic conditions. In addition, the company offered its Caramel Color 570, which measures 35 percent higher in color intensity than its best-selling caramel color.
AHD International, Atlanta, showcased functional ingredients such as LuraLean weight-loss ingredient, Cranberry Omega3 Oil, Cranberry Protein Powder, Omega3 from Cranberry, and Liquid Nanodispersion Omega3. LuraLean is a condensed, water-soluble, dietary fiber formula designed to regulate the appetite, as well as calorie and cholesterol absorption. Cranberry Omega3 Oil and Omega3 from Cranberry are vegetarian sources of omega 3 fatty acids and contain naturally occurring antioxidants. Cranberry Protein Powder is a non-dairy, non-soy source of protein containing a full amino acid profile.
InterHealth Nutraceuticals, Benicia, Calif., discussed its Super CitriMax and ChromeMate products, which can be incorporated into beverages to aid weight loss. Super CitriMax is a standardized extract of the Garcinia Cambogia fruit, containing high levels of hydroxycitric acid bound to calcium and potassium. The product has been shown to suppress the appetite and reduce calorie intake without stimulating the central nervous system. ChromeMate is a source of chromium that can be used to reduce total and LDL cholesterol as well as triglyceride levels, blood pressure and oxidative stress and inflammation. Both ingredients are flavorless and odorless, and can be incorporated into clear beverages.
Vedeqsa featured its Mirenat-CF and Mirenat-N preservatives for beverage products. Both products are liquid forms of Lauric Arginate dissolved in propylene glycol. Mirenat-CF is water soluble and has bacteriostatic and bactericide activity against a broad range of microorganisms, including gram +, gram – bacteria, molds and yeast. Mirenat-N also is water-soluble and active against a broad range of microorganisms. Both offer longer shelf life, no organolepic changes and are not pH or temperature dependant.
Innophos Inc., Cranbury, N.J., discussed the attributes of its mineral ingredients for beverages at IFT. VersaCal Clear is a clear phosphate for use in clear beverages. The product is highly soluble and can be used in all beverage applications to provide calcium and phosphorus. VersaCal MP can be used in neutral beverages such as soy and rice-based drinks. The company says its calcium content is as bioavailable as milk and does not add a gritty mouthfeel. VersaCal DA is a dicalcium phosphate was developed for use in low pH beverages. It has a low buffering capacity and good solubility at an acidic pH.
Purac showcased its Purac Fit ingredient designed to mask the aftertaste and improve the flavor perception of high-intensity sweeteners. The product can be used to regulate pH levels and provide a mild, long-lasting tart taste, and can be incorporated into a wide range of carbonated and non-carbonated drinks. In addition, the company offers Purac HiPure 90 for functional waters, as well as Purac CL 21/80 for carbonated soft drinks.
Purac’s Puracal QStable can be used to add calcium to soymilk products, resulting in a smooth mouthfeel and increased shelf life. And its Purcal QSynergy can be used in turbid acidic beverages such as fruit juice.
X Café, Princeton, Mass., displayed coffee extracts for use in ready-to-drink coffees, liquors and cordials, energy drinks, soft drinks, dairy products and food applications. The company offers extracts based on its own coffee beans or a customer’s coffee beans at any brix level and any solid level. Packaging options include a 1,000-liter tote that is nitrogen-flushed and FDA certified. The totes are easily stacked and shipped, and can be recycled by calling for free pickup. BI