Package makeovers have become increasingly popular during the economic downturn as a tactic to refresh a brand for consumers. This month, Minute Maid, Miller High Life and Arizona Iced Tea all debuted new package designs with a new look – and feel, in Arizona’s case. A redesign also was used by Hansen’s Beverage Co. and Fizzy Lizzy to bring a new look to their natural products. In addition, Blue Moon Brewery and Maker’s Mark unveiled packaging suited for the summer holidays.

Contemporary packaging
Minute Maid, a brand of The Coca-Cola Co., Atlanta, announced new sizes of packaging for its juices. The brand introduced new 128- ounce and 89-ounce clear bottles of Minute Maid Premium Orange Juice. It also launched a contemporary new package design with vibrant colors for Minute Maid Premium Lemonades and Fruit Drinks, which are packaged in 128-ounce bottles.

Portable ale
Blue Moon Brewery, which is owned by MolsonCoors, Golden, Colo., announced that its Blue Moon Belgian White beer is available in 12-ounce cans. The Blue Moon Belgian White Brewmaster’s Can offers beer drinkers added convenience and portability, while delivering the same unfiltered wheat ale, the company says. The cans are available in 12-packs throughout the Midwest, East and Mountain regions with national availability scheduled for this fall.

‘Natural’ redesign
Hansen’s Beverage Co., Corona, Calif., unveiled its first major packaging change in 10 years. The new can has more vibrant colors and changes the orientation of Hansen’s design from diagonal to horizontal for a more symmetrical look, the company says. The new cans will be available nationwide this summer in Hansen’s 13 flavors of natural soda.

New life for High Life
Miller High Life debuted new primary and secondary packaging across all bottle and can offerings. The MillerCoors, Chicago, brand features a cleaner, more streamlined look while maintaining the Miller Soft Cross logo, “Girl in the Moon” imagery and “Champagne of Beers” callout that have represented the brand for more than 100 years, the company says.

Flavored water redesign
Fruit2O, a brand of the Sunny Delight Beverage Co., Cincinnati, redesigned the packaging for its Fruit2O Essentials line of zero-calorie fruit flavored waters. The bottle’s label changed from clear to solid white and has bolder graphics and substantial messaging to better emphasize the product’s zero-calorie status and nutritional benefits. The line includes six flavors and is sold in single 18-ounce bottles and in 15-packs in club stores.

Patriotic package
Fortune Brands’
Maker’s Mark Bourbon introduced a limited-edition patriotic Red White and Blue Triple Pack. The package was designed to honor U.S. service men and women and includes three Maker’s Mark Bourbon bottles, one with trademark red sealing wax, one bottle sealed with blue wax and another with white wax.

Lighter tea bottles
Arizona Beverage Co., Cincinnati, repackaged its Arizona Iced Tea in Graham Packaging’s new Slingshot lightweight PET barrier bottle. The Slingshot bottle is 20 percent lighter than Arizona Iced Tea’s previous bottle and can pack nearly 350 more bottles to a pallet, the York, Pa.-based packaging company says. Arizona’s Slingshot bottle features an amber color and barrier technology for product protection. The bottle also eliminates the need for vacuum panels in the label area, which allows for a sleek cylindrical design, Graham Packaging says.

Southern style
Southern Comfort, a brand of Brown-Forman, Louisville, Ky., introduced its most comprehensive packaging evolution in nearly a decade, the company says. The more contemporary look maintains the same iconic bottle shape while all three labels and neck wraps have been redesigned to assert the brand’s New Orleans provenance. Individual design cues were created for each product within the Southern Comfort portfolio, which includes 70 Proof, 100 Proof, Special Reserve, newly introduced Southern Comfort Lime and each Ready-to-Serve Cocktail. The new neck wrap uses an award-winning illustration designed by Christian Northeast, who was commissioned to capture the vibe and energy of New Orleans.

New logo
Fizzy Lizzy rebranded its sparkling juice line with a new logo and packaging graphics. The new look is clean, simple and fun, the New York-based company says. Fizzy Lizzy’s new look was designed through an online design contest, which was won by Jesse Kirsh, a Brooklyn-based designer. The new packaging design is the fifth label in Fizzy Lizzy’s 10 year history, it says.