Supermodel Cindy Crawford is taking on the role of the face of PepsiCo’s Propel Zero, a zero-calorie enhanced water.
Propel Zero is rolling out its new zero-calorie water with the same taste as the original, PepsiCo said. Propel Zero is lightly flavored and offers vitamins C and E as well as B vitamins. The enhanced water is available in seven ready-to-drink flavors: Berry, Grape, Black Cherry, Lemon, Blueberry Pomegranate, Kiwi-Strawberry and Peach. It also is available in eight powder form varieties.
The brand's roll-out involves a multifaceted, integrated campaign that reflects the complete set of benefits that the new Propel Zero delivers for men and women who want to get more out of their active lives, the company said. The campaign is titled "Get More From Your Zero" and features a commercial spot starring Crawford that will air across broadcast outlets and digital media, online chats and a social media photo wall with Crawford, as well as a social media component inviting consumers to share their favorite ways to be active.
Crawford also will help Propel Zero inspire consumers to go from Zero to 1,000 in 2011, which promotes 1,000 more minutes of moving each month, season or throughout the year, depending on the level of challenge a consumer is inspired to tackle. The kick off for the nationwide Propel Zero to 1,000 program takes place in April when Crawford will host a celebrity dog-walking event in Los Angeles to raise awareness for the benefits of an active lifestyle and raise funds for Much Love, a non-profit organization dedicated to the well-being of animals.
Propel Zero's campaign with Cindy Crawford is one aspect of a nationwide program that includes partnering with Wal-Mart to share 3 million free samples of Propel Zero with shoppers starting today through April 24.