Jones Soda Co., Seattle, announced today that Target will sell Jones GABA flavors in stores nationwide. Jones ready-to-drink tea and juice blended beverages in Fuji Apple, Nectarine, Lemon Honey and Grapefruit will hit shelves beginning in late May.
Each can of Jones GABA contains 150 mg. of gamma-aminobutyric acid, a natural amino acid that increases the production of alpha brain waves to enhance mental focus and clarity, the company said. GABA also decreases beta brain waves, which are associated with nervousness and scattered thoughts, it said. Jones GABA retails for $1.99.
"As the first and only beverage in the U.S. with real, all-natural GABA, we are excited to provide innovative and healthy choices to the Target customer," said Bill Meissner, chief executive officer of Jones Soda Co., in a statement.